The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 656

Chapter 656

However, he did not deal the finishing blow.

He could sense that these security guards were under someone else’s control.


Just then, a buzzing sound came from the darkness nearby.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of blood–red insects flew over and entered the orifices of the security personnel.

At the same time, talismans fell from the sky and burst into flames upon contact with the security guards, releasing black smoke that also entered their nostrils.


Andrius could not help but sneer.

It was Patrick and Frederic!



Crack crack crack!

The security guards who had been knocked down by Andrius stood up again. Their eyes were bloodshot, and they charged at him with the intention of tearing him to pieces.

This time, they were agile and powerful.

Andrius blocked a few attacks and instantly felt tremendous pressure.

However, he could bring himself to use lethal force against these innocent people who were being manipulated. He was worried that his silver needles might damage their nerves.

For a moment, he found himself at a disadvantage and pushed back.

It was a difficult situation!



Just as Andrius was in a dangerous situation, two figures appeared just in time.



One of them blew a flute that instantly caused the security guards to quiet down.

The other sprinkled some medicinal powder, causing the insects on them to flee.

It was Elmer and Fergus!

Andrius had saved them at the Grand Medicinal Competition.

“Thank you for saving our lives, Wolf King!”

After dealing with the insects, they both thanked Andrius. They knew everything regarding the situation. today, Luna’s skills, and Andrius‘ identity.


“No problem.” Andrius waved his hand and looked into the dark distance, where the branches were shaking. He immediately made a decision. “Please help me guard the remains inside.”

Then, he quickly gave chase and disappeared into the night.

Under the pale moonlight, two figures rapidly moved in the distance. They were Patrick and Frederic.

“He’s chasing after us.” Patrick paused for a moment and glanced back slightly.


Frederic’s lips curled into a sinister smile. Even though it was dark, it was still enough to send chills down people’s spines.

Then, they exchanged a look and continued their leisurely escape.


A few seconds later, another figure appeared.

It was Andrius

“Are they trying to bait me?”

He sneered as he looked at the two backs. He had experienced all sorts of tricks and schemes during the chaotic wars on the western border. He regarded this kind of tactic as rudimentary!


He continued to chase after them.

A moment later, Frederic and Patrick stopped at a valley. Andrius saw their backs just as he caught up Thump…

He took a step forward, and the space shifted. He ended up at the top of a mountain.

It was a familiar scenery.

The wooden house, the tree, and… Old Hagstorm!

It was a scene of Tiger Hill in the past!


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