The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 657

Chapter 657 


Andrius could not help but call out as he looked at Old Hagstorm’s back


Old Hagstorm turned around, causing Andriuseyes to widen. He was bleeding from all orifices, and his face was ferocious, radiating a terrifying aura

After seeing Andrius, Old Hagstorm slowly approached step by step, muttering, “Why did come just now? Are you planning on betraying me? You despicable disciple, I’ll kill you!” 

As soon as he spoke, he charged at Andrius

Andrius shook his head and said, No, Master, I didn’t“ 


However, halfway through his sentence, Old Hagstorm transformed into Halle

The Halle in front of him wore disheveled clothes. Her halfexposed shoulders exuded an indescribable charm

She held a bowl of steaming food and walked toward Andrius, looking at him flirtatiously. Andrius Did you forget about me? You heartless man, I even made you a latenight snack” 

However, as she approached, the food in the bowl unexpectedly turned into a bowl of poisonous green soup

Come, Andy. It’s time for your medicine” 

Halle’s appearance suddenly turned fierce


Andrius frowned and was just about to say something, but Halle’s face changed again. She turned into Luna

Andrius!Luna’s pretty face was pale and cruel as she yelled, How many times have I told you? Don’t resort to violence

You’ve gone too far this time. You actually beat up a young master from a family in Kiyoto! Now, his family has come to exterminate the Crestfalls

Are you happy now? Why don’t you just die?!” 

Her hysterical shouts burrowed into Andriusears like the voice of demons, echoing in his mind

The next moment, three figures appeared before him: the sinister Old Hagstorm, the malevolent Halle. and the fierce Luna

They all surrounded Andrius, clawing and cursing him. 

You despicable disciple, go to hell!” 

Andrius, it’s time for your medicine!” 

Andrius, just die!” 

Just die




The next second, Andrius raised his right hand and aimed it at his own forehead

A distance away, Patrick and Frederic saw this scene and smiled coldly


Once you die, everything will be over!” 

They spoke with satisfaction, their voices sounding extremely cold


In an instant, a light flashed in Andriuseyes, and he swung his hands around. It’s you who should die!” 

A loud roar echoed through the wilderness

Old Hagstorm, Halle, and Luna suddenly disappeared

Everything turned into smoke. It was just an illusion

Andrius broke free with incredible determination at that crucial moment

His bright eyes narrowed

Dozens of professionals had already surrounded him

No, the people in front of him were not people at all. From their stiff and pale faces and their mechanical movements, they were clearly longdead corpses turned into puppets

A distance away, Patrick and Frederic were watching him leisurely

Patrick’s eyes flashed with a cruel glint as he said sinisterly, Enjoy this feast, Andrius Moonshade

After you die, I’ll turn you into a puppet to avenge my disciple

With your strength” 


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