The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 658

Chapter 658 

You’ll become my most powerful puppet. Then, you’ll obey my command and kill everyone in the Crestfalls

Just thinking about it makes me excited! Hahahaha… 

He had been waiting for this day for a long time

Kill me?Andrius sneered. The likes of you can’t kill me! I only held back earlier because I couldn’t bear to hurt those security personnel. Do you really think I can’t defeat these puppets?” 

Those words made Patrick’s expression change slightly

Andrius swept his gaze over the corpse puppets and said in an icy tone, Now, these things are no challenge for me at all!” 

As soon as he spoke, he seemed to turn into a flash of black and charged at the puppets


With a punch, he sent the first puppet that lunged at him flying

At the same moment, he noticed that the hand of the puppet was calloused. It was a soldier who had handled guns for years, and there were even bullet scars on his arm

It was the body of a soldier




More puppet corpses charged, but Andrius easily knocked them known with punches and kicks

During the fight, he realized that all the corpses were soldiers

They were implanted with insects at the moment of their death, turning them into this state


After knocking down the last puppet corpse, Andrius cracked his fists. A bloodthirsty glint burst out from his eyes as he could not help but roar at the sky

On the western border, Andrius had risked his life countless times to ensure that not a single soldier was left behind. He disregarded his own life just to bring every soldier back

To him, soldiers were honorable. They were the most respected and admired

At the same time, they were a line that could not be crossed

Anyone who dared to insult soldiers would pay the price by Andriushands

Patrick did not only kill so many soldiers but also turned their bodies into puppets

This was an intolerable act

It was like gouging Andriusheart out

Patrick Hopkins!” 

Andrius glared intently at Patrick, his eyes flickering coldly. It was as if an enraged beast was speaking 


through his mouth in a chilling voice that seemed to come from hell

Are you prepared to die?” 


The moment he spoke, his powerful aura surged to the sky. It was like a hurricane sweeping through the wilderness, sending sand and stone flying and stinging people’s faces, making them unable to open their 


A chilling killing intent spread through the air, shrouding the valley

The night was eerie, and the wind was desolate

Andrius strode forward with vast killing intent. With each step, his momentum rose

As he approached, he turned from a person into an insurmountable mountain, making people feel despair and awe. It was like a giant stone pressing down on their chests, making it impossible to breathe

Patrick and Frederic exchanged a look and saw the shock in the other’s eyes

Was this the Wolf King’s true strength

It was extremely terrifying and astonishing

It was like a demon god, making them give up all resistance


Patrick swallowed his saliva as his eyes glinted

How could he just surrender at a critical moment like this


The next moment, a white jade bottle appeared in his hand

Patrick used his index finger to pop the cork of the bottle, and a bloody and evil aura immediately emerged from within


The surrounding flora visibly withered in an instant, as if all their life essence had been sucked away

It was terrifying


Patrick poured out an insect from the bottle and stuffed it into his mouth. He was going to use this insect to fight Andrius to the death

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Chapter 659 


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