The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 661


Chapter 661 

However, he was the Second War God, so he remained calm even when facing death

Taking a deep breath, he calmed down and put a smile on his face. He pointed to the seat beside him and said, Please have a seat, Wolf King! Since our last parting” 


Andrius was furious and not interested in his nonsense

He slapped the Second War God across the face, causing the latter’s head to twist and slam on the sofa






Andriusanger finally subsided after dishing out a good beating

Listen closely. I’ll only say this one last time.He grabbed the Second War God’s collar without maintaining any pretense of politeness and said in an icy voice, If you have a grudge against me, then come at me! If I find out again that you harmed innocents or targeted soldiers, the next head I twist off will be yours!” 

After speaking, he tossed the Second War God aside and walked to the exit without caring about the latter’s reaction




Just as he reached the doorway, the Second War God’s bodyguards heard the commotion and rushed over. They surrounded Andrius without a word

Loaded guns pointed at him. They had custommade firearms and aimed their dark barrels at Andrius 

Andrius glanced at the bodyguards, and he smiled faintly

All the bodyguards were on high alert and gripped their weapons tightly. Some gulped, some’s palms were sweating, and some’s hearts raced. They could not calm down at all because they were facing the Wolf King

Andrius turned to look at the Second War God expressionlessly. Do you want to say goodbye to your head right now?” 

His voice was very light. However, it was bonechilling to the Second War God’s ears 

Andrius Moonshade… 

No, more accurately, the person in front of him was the Wolf King

The Wolf King was a lunatic

After just joining the army at the western border for a month, he already dared to charge into an enemy 

Then, it was one crazy thing after another

It even reached the point that despite facing the emperor, he dared to stand alone against three Warzone Masters and six War Gods

Nonetheless, he won again

The Second War God truly hated and feared him

At that moment, facing the Wolf King’s threat, the Second War God flinched, and his expression turned 


What are you guys doing? Get out!” 

The Second War God had no choice but to scold his bodyguards

After all, he was still here. If the bodyguards dared to make a move, Andrius might not kill him but would 

definitely deal with the Second War God first


The bodyguards immediately put away their guns and retreated like a tide. In reality, the pressure they felt was no less than the Second War God

Wolf King, this is a misunderstandingThe Second War God hated Andrius but had to force a smile on his face and speak pleasantly

Andrius gave him a deep look and left without saying a word

When Andrius left from the floortoceiling window, the Second War God exploded with anger. He flushed all the way to his neck and screamed in rage, Andrius Moonshade! Damn you! Damn you!” 




The Second War God destroyed everything in his sight

He either smashed everything to pieces or kicked them aside

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