The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 662


Chapter 662 

A few minutes later, the place was a complete mess


The Second War God felt much better after venting his frustration, but his expression remained as gloomy as the dark clouds before a storm

Then, he made a video call to the emperor

Your Majesty, Andrius is too cunning. All our strategies have ended in failureThe Second War God’s 

voice was heavy

In the video, Registusexpression turned sour when he heard the news

After a moment of silence, he said, Andrius is the Wolf King and plans far ahead. He’s not easy to deal with.” 

Andrius Moonshade… 

If it were so easy to defeat him, he would have already been reduced to ashes at the western border. He would not deserve to be the Wolf King. This matter was not that straightforward

Alright, you should return to Kiyoto first. We’ll definitely come up with a perfect plan if we discuss it. This time, we mustn’t give him any chances!” 

The stronger Andrius was, the warier Registus was of him, and the more he wanted to eliminate Andrius. Otherwise, something bad would eventually happen


The Second War God immediately prepared to leave

After Andrius left the Grand Aurelia Hotel, he headed straight to the warehouse

Wolf King!” 

Fergus and Elmer were still there. They both greeted Andrius with respect when they saw him

Thanks.Andrius nodded with a smile in response. HoweverI’ll still have to trouble you both to help me transport these corpses to a hidden location.” 

Leaving the corpses here was not a viable option. Andrius had to move them as soon as possible

It’s no trouble!” 

It’s our honor to serve the Wolf King!” 

The two quickly responded with sincerity. If not for Andrius, they would have turned into puddles of blood in the poison fog 

Andrius and the two doctors moved all the corpses halfway up Dragonet Mountain. This was a secret base that Dax specially prepared for Andrius It was far from the city but not too distant from the Southern Warzone headquarters, making it an excellent location

Inside the hall, dozens of bodies were neatly arranged in rows

Andrius looked at the duo and said solemnly, Dr. Deleon and Dr. Bond, I’ll bid farewell to them first. Please wait for me for a moment. I still have something to discuss with you” 


Please go ahead, Wolf King!” 

The two of them exchanged glances, left the hall, and closed the door

They thought that as the Wolf King, Andrius loved the people and wanted to bid farewell to the corpses, so they did not think too much about it

My clansmenAndrius turned to face the bodies. His expression was sorrowful, and his voice choked, I’m sorry. I took so long to free you from those thieves” 

After saying that, he bowed deeply and maintained the position. He slowly straightened when he calmed down somewhat

However, in order to uncover the truth behind the tragedy of the past and avenge you, I still can’t bury 


for now. Please forgive me for this disrespect.” 

Andrius took a deep breath, his gaze becoming more determined. Don’t worry. It won’t take too long. I promise you.” 


The sound of the wind continued and then dissipated

After a moment of silence, Andrius left

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

Elmer and Fergus immediately came forward

The two exchanged glances and asked, What did you mean by wanting to discuss something earlier?” 

Andrius looked directly at them and said honestly, I want to work together with you two to investigate the secrets behind the Klein family’s corpses.


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