The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 663


Chapter 663 

If we follow the clues from their bodies and finally obtain the socalled treasure, I’m willing to split it evenly with both of you.” 

The two of them were instantly overjoyed

Ordinary people might not now know the hidden secret of the Klein corpses, but it was common knowledge to people like them.. 

If they could obtain even a small part of them, it would be enough to make anyone jealous

Moreover, the Wolf King personally said it, so there was no doubt about his promise


We’re willing to assist!” 

The two agreed in unison without hesitation

Andrius continued, This rural area makes it a good place for research. I’ll leave them to you.” 

Don’t worry, Wolf King!” 

Wolf King, we won’t disappoint you!” 

Andrius nodded and left the base

As soon as he left, he saw someone walking toward him. The person walked with a confident stride. It 

was Dax

Wolf KingDax looked at Andrius and asked in a low tone, I heard that you went to find the Second 

War God.” 


Dax heard how Andriustone seemed to contain anger and asked curiously, You already have the corpses. Why did you still go find him?” 

To declare war!Andrius spat coldly and clearly. His expression remained expressionless as he continued, The Second War God disregards human life and harms the innocent. He doesn’t deserve the 

title War God.” 

Dax’s expression froze as he fell silent

Since the last time he made his stance, he became much more involved with Andrius

He genuinely did not want anything to go wrong with Andrius, fearing that it would complicate things for 

him as well

Wolf King, the Second War God is deeply trusted by the emperor. Coupled with the other Warzone Masters, War Gods, and other factions joining forces, their strength shouldn’t be underestimated

Engaging in direct conflict with them isn’t a wise move. I believe it’s better to exercise restraint when necessary.” 


Andrius chuckled

He never knew what restraint was. 

If he had something to say, he said it to their face

If he had a grudge, he would settle it on the spot

That was the true nature of a man

Don’t worry.Andrius understood Dax’s concerns and laughed brightly, patting the latter’s shoulder. This matter is between me, the Second War God, and the emperor It won’t involve anyone else. Besides” 

He looked at Dax. You’re just a bystander. As long as you do your part in safeguarding the borders and stability and not get involved in politics, no one will bother you unnecessarily.” 

That’s true.” Dax nodded slightly and turned to look at the scenery below the mountainside. I just want the Southern Warzone to be safe. As for the restWhether it’s the imperial court or the military, it has nothing to do with me.” 

Andrius laughed

Dax really had no ambition

He was quite free and easy

If people like the Second War God and the others could be like him, it might reduce many conflicts

Unfortunately, power blinded people, and those people would never settle down

Dax remembered something and suddenly retracted his gaze, asking with interest, By the way, tomorrow 

is the deadline that King Laurent of Bardan set for your trial. How do you plan to handle it?How will I handle it?


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