The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 664


Chapter 664 

Andrius stared straight at Dax and chuckled. I’ll leave it to you to handle!” 

Dax almost spat out a mouthful of blood

Damn it

He was the Southern Warzone Master

He was not an asswiper

He had lost count of how many times this happened

Dax also stared at Andrius, grinding his teeth in anger. Wolf King, are you serious?” 

Why? Do I look like I’m joking?Andrius patted Dax’s shoulder. Don’t be so petty, Dax. This happened in your territory. Who else would be more suitable to handle it? Besides, my dear Warzone Master, you 

wouldn’t want this matter to escalate, right?” 

Andrius was really at a loss

Yes, he did not want this matter to blow up

Considering the Wolf King’s temperament, it was already good enough that he did not demolish the police station on the spot after he was framed and arrested

Dax sighed in resignation. Fine, I get it! Every time you come here, you always exploit me. When the time comes, just give me a call about what I should do.” 

Dax was truly helpless against Andrius. He could neither beat Andrius nor run away from him

When an incident happened, he had to deal with it. After all, this was his jurisdiction…. 

That’s more like it!Andrius grinned when he saw Dax’s exasperated face. We used to be colleagues, after all. There’s no need to make the atmosphere so tense, right?” 

Dax had no more energy to retort

The next day, after the previous incident, King Laurent brought his entourage to the mansion where security was extremely tight

Andrius wore a mask and arrived at the location

FreezeThe guards at the entrance immediately stepped forward to stop him when they saw him. What are you doing here? This is the residence of King Laurent Unauthorized personnel are not allowed on the premises” 

Oh Andrius took out the introduction letter from Luna and said, I was introduced here by the champion of this year’s Grand Medicinal Competition, Ms Luna Crestfall I’m here to treat the queen’s iliness” 

The guards looked uncertain While they looked at Andrus suspiciously, one of them ran in to report

They only let him enter after receiving the king’s consent 

You were introduced by Dr Crestfall? Please come in 

King Laurent’s expression seemed strange. He already knew that the person who assaulted his daughter was Andrius Moonshade. Luna’s husband 

However, due to his wife’s worsening condition, he had no choice but to accept help from Luna

It was an indescribable feeling

Laurent led Andrius in while pondering those matters, and then asked, How should I address you? Why didn’t Dr. Crestfall come personally?” 

Andrius paused and casually said, You can call me Dr. Shade. Dr. Crestfall had some urgent matters to attend to, so she sent me to treat the queen.” 

Laurent nodded and did not say much

The two walked side by side and soon arrived at the queen’s room which was quite large

Apart from the large bed in the center, Princess Anna as well as many servants and medical personnel were present. They all stood up when they saw Andrius enter

Your Majesty” 

Before starting the treatment, Andrius said solemnly, When Ms. Crestfall entrusted me with this task, she asked me to convey something to you. If you want me to treat the queen, you must agree to one condition.” 


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