The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 665


Chapter 665 

Andrius also felt somewhat strange saying those words

He was taking action for himself and pleading for himself

What kind of situation was that

Laurent was stunned for a moment and asked, How is her condition? If you can cure my beloved’s illness, I can agree to anything as long as it’s not unreasonably difficult.” 

Laurent thought that Luna might ask for some money, business deals from Bardan, or some other privileges at most

Andrius said honestly, Ms. Crestfall hopes that during the trial of her husband, Andrius Moonsahde, you will consider lightening his punishment.” 

As soon as he spoke, Laurent’s expression instantly turned furious and cold. He stared at Andrius with a trace of coldness in his eyes. Given what that beast did to my daughterThere’s no room for discussion

You can leave now. Florence is a large country. I don’t believe that you’re the only one who can cure my queen!” 

Laurent deeply resented Andrius

If not for the fact that he was in Florence now, he would have long since chopped Andrius into pieces for harming his daughter, then displayed his head at the palace gates

It was finally the day of the trial, but someone came to plead for mercy on Andriusbehalf. Furthermore, they were using his wife’s illness as leverage

Anna heard those words and hurriedly came over to hug Laurent’s arm, saying pleadingly, Father, what happened to me is in the past. No matter how you punish Andrius, it won’t change the truth

Furthermore, Mother’s condition is worsening day by day. She’ll only suffer more. Now that a doctor is here, why would you turn him away

Whether it’s in Florence or Bardan, the punishment for assaulting a woman is not death. Although I’m your daughter and you’re angry about this matter, you can’t just take his life… 

Father, Mother’s life is at stake now. Please agree to Dr. Crestfall’s condition!” 

Anna was very tactful. Her words widened the road for negotiation

Laurent pondered for a long time and looked at Anna’s earnest gaze, and his heart instantly softened. He nodded and said, Okay, I agree.” 

Then, he sighed as if he let go of a burden

After Laurent agreed, Andrius directly approached the bed

Queen Catherine lay motionless on the bed. Her beautiful brows were furrowed, her face was pale as paper, and her breath was weak

Andrius checked her condition and had a vague idea of what was going on

However, Catherine was the queen, and her status was quite special Andrius chose a slightly complicated but less suspicious acupuncture technique for herthe Swimming Dragon

This acupuncture technique worked well in specific situations

Although he was acting as a doctor now, he had already done the deed with Laurent’s daughter. He 


would not be able to bear it if he were to see Laurent’s wife suffer as well


Silver needles flew out in an instant like flying fairies, adorning Catherine’s fair arms with two lines of silver dragons


Then, he began to pierce the needles on Catherine’s face

With each needle, her complexion visibly improved

When the final needle was inserted into her Zigong acupoint, her eyelids twitched slightly.


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