The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 667


hapter 667 

eThe Wolf King

e person who violated Princess Yule turned out to be the Wolf King of Florence

ow could that be

that moment, the room fell into a deathly silence

ith Laurent and Anna were stunned, dumbfounded, and dazed. Their eyes widened and their mouths fell en, frozen in place as if time had stopped

ie impact of this news was mindboggling to them

urent was a king, but the truth was that Bardan was weak, so he had no international standing at all. If it for being subordinate to Florence and relying on Florence, Bardan would have been divided by the estern Nations long ago and become the king of a fallen nation

ie force that protected Bardan and prevented them from being annihilated was the Lycantroops from 


the past decade, Bardan had faced the threat of annihilation many times. The Western Nations wanted wipe out Bardan and use it as a bridgehead to attack Florence

ich time, it was the Lycantroops that stepped in and thwarted the Western Nationsplans, defending irdan’s borders

irthermore, the leader of the Lycantroops was the Wolf King

Ius, a saying arose in Bardan: One should rather disobey the emperor than disrespect the Wolf King

was clear how much Laurent admired Andrius, the leader of the Lycantroops. He revered him like a ity and would obey every command

is was due to both the unparalleled combat strength of the Lycantroops and the endless charm of the olf King

ow, the Wolf King had actually slept with his daughter

owever, the emperor of Florence already issued an official statement announcing the death of the Wolf ng, and even erected a memorial for him…. 

iurent only somewhat believed Andriusidentity because it was Dax speaking. If it were anyone else, he ould have slapped the person to wake them up

ir a moment, Laurent was in disarray and asked, Warzone Master, didn’t the emperor say that the Wolf ng was already” 

WellDax glanced at Andrius and smiled wryly. “You should let the Wolf King explain it to you


jurent looked at Andrius

na did the same. However, she had already snapped out of her shock. Her expression was very strange id there was even a hint of a blush on her face

drius sighed and explained briefly, It’s a long story. As you know, Your Majesty, the situation in orence is complicated

was stationed at the western border for years and have an outstanding reputation and achievements 

Chapter 667 

However, it also aroused the suspicions of some people in Florence. The news of my death and the incident involving Princess Anna were all part of someone’s conspiracy.” 

Laurent fell into thought

Yes, it was like having an invincible general under one’s command who was undefeated in battles. He achieved remarkable feats, but he also aroused the envy of other generals and highranking officials within the country

There were many precedents of such matters

Anna was struck by a realization. As a princess, although she was not involved in political intrigue, she was aware of many things due to exposure

HoweverAndrius walked up to Anna and said sincerely, It’s true I was at fault that day. I caused immense harm to the princess

Thus, I’m willing to make a promise as compensation to you. As long as it doesn’t go against Florence’s interests and humanity, I will go to any lengths to fulfill your request. II hope that you can forgive me, Princess Yule.” 

He had made a mistake. As the Wolf King, Andrius was aware of that fact

I…” Anna’s beautiful eyes kept glancing at Andrius. Then, she gathered her courage and said, I want you to marry me!” 

After saying that, she blushed and lowered her head

It was not a slip of the tongue

The Wolf King… 

Bardans admired the strong. It was deeply ingrained in their people

Ever since she was young, she dreamed that when she grew up, she would marry a man who stood tall and was domineering

When the Wolf King emerged and dominated the current era, he became her dream man

Furthermore, the reason she went to the bar alone last time was because she heard that the Wolf King had died in battle. She wanted to drown her sorrows in alcohol

Now, since the opportunity was in front of her, she naturally did not want to miss it

How many chances would a person have in their life

A lost opportunity would not come again

Thus, she had to seize it

After Anna spoke, the room fell into another strange silence

Laurent was overjoyed and almost laughed. He thought, As expected of my daughter! She’s bold, meticulous, and farsighted!


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