The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 670

r words, the Crestfalls still had the Wolf King as their trump card

Chapter 670 

Finally, Luna was going to divorce Andrius

It was three strokes of luck at once

It’ll be fine, Dad.” 

Harry was the happiest among them. After today, he would say goodbye to all his worries and say hello to all his joys

With the Wolf King’s medical skills, Queen Catherine’s illness will surely be treated. King Laurent won’t refuse if he makes a request. Don’t worry so much.” 

As soon as he spoke, everyone chimed in

That’s right, Grandpa. Don’t you trust the Wolf King’s reputation and medical skills?” 

Don’t worry, Master Crestfall. Since the Wolf King is involved, there’s no doubt about the outcome. You can rest assured.” 

Old Master Crestfall, just watch. Although the Wolf King has stepped down, his influence is still present. The king will definitely listen to his request.” 

Old Master Crestfall” 

They all felt quite relaxed

After a round of persuasion, Belarusexpression improved slightly

Before long, the judge arrived with a group of staff. 

Belarusheart raced again. He did not see Andrius, which made him very anxious

Today, King Laurent has withdrawn the charges against the suspect, Andrius Moonshade. I declare that Andrius Moonshade be released without charges!the judge stood above everyone and announced 



Belarus let out a long sigh of relief

The Crestfalls looked calm and casual. After all, they were just going through the motions

After the verdict was announced, the judge left

The Crestfalls also left the scene and waited outside

Not long after, Andrius came out

Andrius!Belarus approached on his cane and looked Andrius up and down, asking, Are you okay? Did you face any unfair treatment?” 

I’m well, Grandpa Belarus.” 

Andriusheart warmed as he smiled. I’m sorry for making you worry.” 

It’s no problem! It’s great as long as you’re okay.” 

Belarus was finally relieved

As for the rest of the family, they did not say much about Andriusrelease and simply shot looks at Luna


Luna, it’s time.Harry looked at Andrius with disgust in his eyes, then withdrew his gaze and urged Luna repeatedly. You’ve already done everything you should. Seize the opportunity quickly. Otherwise, your whole life might be ruined if your grandfather changes his mind!” 

He was the most anxious person because he was afraid of that happening

George also said, Luna, you’re the champion of the Grand Medicinal Competition. Your future is limitless. Andrius is just a country bumpkin who’s completely unworthy of you. When will you kick him away if not now?” 

That’s right, Luna!” 

Luna, Andrius is like a rat in a sewer. He already caused us trouble so many times. Don’t hesitate.” 

Luna, indecision will lead to chaos!” 


These people went all out to encourage Luna to divorce him. They truly hated Andrius


Faced with their persuasion, Luna took a deep breath, walked up to Andrius and Belarus, and said with a serious expression, Andrius, our paths have come to an end. Let’s divorce.” 

She finally said it


At that moment, all the Crestfalls fell silent. Their gazes were focused on Belarus and Andrius.


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