The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 672


Chapter 672 

I also wish you success in your endeavors and that all your wishes will be fulfilled.” 

After saying that, Andrius picked up his luggage and left with wide strides

Success in all her endeavors and all her wishes fulfilled… 

Luna was stunned

At that moment, she could not help but think of the Wolf King

Would her wishes really be fulfilled

She did not know

However, as she looked out of the window… 

The setting sun cast a long shadow over Andrius, giving him a sense of desolation and melancholy as he blended into the autumn breeze

For a moment, a sense of loss crept into Luna’s heart. She could not tell why, but it felt as if something had been carried away by the wind

Andrius brought his stuff to Royal Gardens


As soon as he walked in, a surprised voice came from inside

Halle was leaning against the window in boredom when she saw Andrius come in, and she waved at him excitedly

This girl… 

Andrius shook his head and continued walking inside

After just a few steps, Halle came down

Andrius, I’ve been waiting for you for so long!” 

Halle jumped for joy

If not for the fact that Andrius had his hands full with suitcases, she would have jumped on him

Andrius ignored her and placed his belongings in his room

Here, I just brewed coffee.” 

As soon as he sat down, Halle came over again. She held a cup of steaming coffee in her hand, looking very gentle

Andrius was a little thirsty, so he took the cup and had a sip


Halle was extremely satisfied when she saw Andrius drink. A blush suddenly appeared on her charming face, making her look even more alluring 

Do you know how long I’ve liked you

Since the race, when you transformed from being ordinary into someone extraordinary, I knew that you 

were different from ordinary men

Sure enough, you repeatedly amazed me one thing after another. I’ve never met a man as exceptional or even half as exceptional as you.” 

Halle smiled. Then, you helped me get rid of that disgusting person and dealt with my exboyfriend

During the dinner, you singlehandedly thwarted Cyclopsplan and saved Sumeria from danger. It was only then that I learned your true identitythe Wolf King

The Wolf KingHalle muttered to herself, her beautiful eyes shimmering with boundless radiance. Her gaze was filled with admiration, infatuation, and endless adoration

Meanwhile, Andrius froze with the coffee still in his mouth

This girl had really been coveting him for a long time, and now she had an opportunity… 

Andrius did not know what to say

I love you.” 

This time, Halle stood up straight and stared into Andriuseyes without hiding. Her gaze was filled with 


Don’t say anything yet.She reached out to cover his mouth, then continued to say, I know very well that it’s you that I love. It’s not the Wolf King or your physical appearance

I love you, Andrius Moonshade

You don’t know how much I keep chasing after you, thinking about you every day

I keep chasing after the time we spent together in the past. I chase after how heroic you look on the battlefield and the warmth of your body when you shield me from harm

I think about all the moments we shared together

In the quiet of every night, in the dawn of every sunrise, in the wind and the rain, in the blazing sun and the bright moonlight” 

Andrius could not take it anymore. If this continued, his will would waver

Thus, he was about to speak up to interrupt her words

However, she anticipated it and pressed her hand over his mouth again

I’m telling you all this today to make you understand my feelings. Andrius, marry me!Halle said boldly, 1 want to be one with you and be husband and wife. I want us to walk together for the rest of our lives and never be separated!


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