The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 673


Chapter 673 

Andrius was forced to listen to the long confession. It would be a lie to say that his heart was not moved

However, he knew his own situation, so he sighed and shook his head, saying, Halle, I’ve told you more than once before. My situation is very complicated right now

Getting close to me won’t bring you happiness and joy. Getting close to me only means danger, conspiracies, and plots, so stop having any thoughts about me.” 

Halle continued to look at him firmly and said in determination, I’ve made up my mind, Andrius! I’m not afraid of difficulties. Whether it’s crossing mountains of knives or seas of fire, I’ll face it all together with you!” 

Andrius felt embarrassed at how brave Halle was when it came to love

That was because he knew very well that he could not promise her anything, especially when he was still burdened with taking revenge for his clansmen… 

His restless heart immediately calmed down

He started to think about how to refuse

Halle knew his character. He would not make a proactive move but may accept passively

Thus, a sly look flashed in her bright eyes as she approached him. Andrius, don’t try to come up with baseless excuses to brush me off. Every word I just said came from the bottom of my heart. If you don’t believe me, you can feel for yourself. My heart only beats for you!” 

As she spoke, she grabbed Andriushand and pulled it toward her heart

Andrius was startled by Halle’s action


Just as he was about to pull away, Halle pressed herself closer

Ring, ring, ring… 

His phone rang at that crucial moment

Halle was also startled by the sound and quickly pulled her hand back. She remembered her boldness 

and could not help but blush, making her look particularly charming in the sunset glow

The person who was calling was Sonia. Mr. Moonshade, there are some important documents in Celestial Enterprise that require your personal signature. Can you come over?” 

Yep, sure! I’ll be right there!” 

Andrius was thinking about how to escape, so Sonia’s call came at just the right time. He hung up phone


UhI have to go to the office. Bye.” 

Andrius was ready to escape this dangerous place


When he reached the doorway, Halle’s gentle voice sounded from behind. Move forward boldly. No matter what you encounter, you can just turn around when you get tired I. I’ll always be behind you.” 

Andrusbody suddenly trembled, and a warm current swirled in his heart 

Chap 673 

He remembered that every time he came to Royal Gardens, as long as Halle was here, she would always wait for him. Even if it was in the middle of the night, she would have a latenight snack ready

She was like a virtuous wife, waiting for her husband’s return from battle without any complaints or 



Andrius understood that given his current situation, he had no way of getting close to a woman, let alone make any promises and provide her with a home

Otherwise, he would only harm her

Thus, he only paused for a while before leaving


Halle chased after him and watched him ride away on a scooter. She felt a trace of serenity in her heart

In her eyes, Andrius was not rejecting her. He just had his own difficulties

It’s okayI’ll wait for you. I’ll wait however long it takes” 

The girl’s murmur blended into the wind and dissipated into the air

In Celestial Enterprise, Sonia’s eyes lit up when she saw Andrius

Mr. Moonshade, you’re here!” 

Subconsciously, the corners of her lips curled up

Mm.Andrius nodded and got straight to the point. Let me take a look at those documents first.” 


Sonia did not waste words either. She brought the documents over and then withdrew

Andrius skimmed over them and signed his name when he did not find any issues

After a while, Sonia knocked on the door and came in. Mr. Moonshade, Ms. Crestfall is here. She waits to 

see you” 

Turn her away.Andrius refused directly without looking up. He knew exactly what she wanted without having to think about it

UmSonia hesitated for a moment before agreeing Okay.” 

Then, she gracefully left the room.


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