The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 674


Chap 67 

Chapter 674 

Andrius continued to sign the documents

Before long, Sonia returned

Mr. Moonshade, Ms. Crestfall has left.” 

Andrius hummed and did not say much more

Sonia hesitated a few times before finally speaking up. Mr. Moonshade, there was a glow in Ms. Crestfall’s eyes when she came. Are you really so heartless to reject her like this? Are you sure you won’t see her?” 

Earlier, she learned about Andrius and Luna’s divorce. At that moment, she could not help but feel a bit sympathetic toward Luna. They had only been married for several months

Andrius knew everything about Luna, but Luna did not know anything about Andrius. He even kept his identity as the Wolf King a secret

Now, she came full of joy and starryeyed but was met with ruthless rejection. If she knew the truth, tears would surely flow down her face

I won’t see her,Andrius refused resolutely.. 

Halle’s confession already shook his heart

What was Luna compared to that

Moreover, he had a feeling that his relationship with Registus might completely fall out soon. When that happened, anyone close to him would be a hindrance and get involved. That was definitely not something he wanted to see

Andrius signed the last document and stood up. Alright. You can make your own decisions about less important matters in the future. I’m leaving.” 

After saying that, he left Celestial Enterprise

Sonia watched Andriusresolute figure, and her thoughts also drifted away

Although she and he were separated by a thin layer that had not been broken through, compared to Luna, at least she could stand behind him and silently watch him

Andrius went straight to the garage after leaving Celestial Enterprise

Andy! Come come come, let’s celebrate being single again!” 

Noir had already prepared food and drinks. When he saw Andrius approaching, he raised his class excitedly and almost burst into song

Glug Glug Glug… 

Andrius downed three cups in quick succession and glared at Noir. Don’t celebrate yet. Help me think about how to solve a problem.” 

Problem?Noir’s hand froze in place as he asked in confusion, You’re free now, Andy. What problems could you possibly have?” 

Andrus said with a dark expression, Halle confessed to me. Luna is also planning to boldly pursue the Wolf King The way Sonia looks at me is also strange 

If they added Anna to the mix… 


He was practically surrounded on all sides

Tsk, tsk, tskNoir’s gaze turned envious at those words. Andy, just pick whoever you find pleasing and 

take her in

I heard from the married soldiers that it feels amazing to hold their own wife at night. Don’t you want to give it a try?” 

Andrius wanted nothing more than to stuff rancid socks into Noir’s mouth. Oh, shut up. How can I be thinking about such things in my current situation? Hurry up and think of a solution.” 

Noir saw that Andrius was a little angry. He grinned and scratched his head, saying, I don’t know about this stuff, Andy. You’re just making things hard for me

That was true. Noir was a complete airhead. Otherwise, he would not still be single

HoweverNoir suddenly leaned in and said mysteriously, Andy, I know someone who can definitely help you with your current troubles.” 

Andrius asked, Who?” 

Noir replied, The Southern Warzone Master, Dax Wimbleton!” 


Andrius looked at Noir and said skeptically, Isn’t that guy as straightforward as can be? You think he can help me with my troubles?” 

Noir rubbed his nose and chuckled. There’s something you don’t know. Ever since you subdued the Hawkeye Group, I’ve gotten a lot of private information. Among them are the private hobbies of many top figures in Florence. Dax is no exception.” 


Andrius looked at Noir in surprise. He felt slightly eager when he saw Noir raising his brows and grinning mischievously

Wait here a moment.” 

Then, Noir entered the house

Not long after, he came out holding a stack of documents

Everything is written here, Andy. Just take a look and you’ll understand.” 

There was a mischievous smile on Noir’s face as he spread the documents on the table in front of 


Andrius saw how earnest Noir looked and read the documents seriously

As he read… 

He did not expect Dax to be such a character. It completely shattered Andriusimage of him, making him unable to help but marvel

Dax really was an expert

In summary, he could be described as a modernday Casanova!


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