The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 675


Chapter 675 

What do you think, Andy?Noir grinned

I think it’ll work.” 

Andrius immediately called Dax

Since that guy had a specialty, he had to make the most of it and not let the opportunity slip by

Wolf King” 

On the other end of the call, Dax’s expression immediately turned bitter when he saw that it was Andrius calling. He asked impatiently, What do you want? Can’t you let me enjoy some peace and quiet?” 

Andrius grinned and said, Dax, are you that unhappy getting a call from me?” 

Dax paused and said, I’m busy now. Get to the point.” 

The point is, I want to thank you for your help during this time and for cleaning up my messes. I’ve decided to treat you to a meal, so hurry up and come to Sumeria.” 

For some reason, Andriusfrustration dissipated a lot when he heard the guy’s tone

Dax was speechless. I’m in the neighboring province now dealing with a very tricky matter. I won’t join the dinner. If you really want to thank me, then stop pestering me for favors all the time in the future.” 

What was he saying

It was like he was complaining about doing free labor

Andrius said with a vague smile, I’ll be waiting for you at Sumeria. Whether or not you come is up to you

After saying that, he hung up the phone

Will he come, Andy?Noir leaned in to ask

Would you come if you were him?” 

UhNoir nodded without hesitation. Of course. It’s an invitation from the Wolf King. Who would dare not to come?” 

Two hours later, in a certain bar, Dax arrived, out of breath. He found Andrius in a small private room, thoroughly enjoying himself

He gasped for breath and had a frustrated expression on his face. Wolf King, why exactly did you call me all the way here?” 

Come, sit.Andrius grinned

After Dax sat down, he said calmly, I want you to give me some advice. How do I reject women and have them stop pestering me?” 

Day’s eyeballs almost popped out at those words. He stared straight at Andrius and stood up. You made me travel a thousand miles just for that?” 

What do you mean just for that?Andrius said unhappily, This matter isn’t just related to me, but also to the purehearted young women of Florence How can you call it just for that?” 

ArghDax immediately exploded with anger and nearly spewed out blood. He roared, Andrius Moonshade, I’m going to teach you a lesson today!” 

AhemAndrius pretended not to hear and laughed playfully, pouring a glass of wine and handing it over. My dear Mr. Wimbleton, my dear Warzone Master, calm down

You know that I’m not good with words, and I’m reserved by nature. I have no experience at all dealing with things like this, so I wanted to seek advice from you

For the physical and mental health of the young ladies in Florence, for the bright future of the Wolf King, and for the peace and stability of your Southern Warzone, I hope that you can offer me some guidance.” 

Dax’s expression improved somewhat

He sat down and down three glasses at once, then said solemnly, You really got the wrong person for this, Andrius

Who in Florence doesn’t know how I am? I have face blindness and don’t know if girls are pretty or not, let alone what’s going on in their hearts, so you should ask someone else for advice.” 

After saying that, he continued to drink as if nothing happened

Andrius looked at him with a vague smile and said, Dax, tell me honestly, were you trying not to laugh when you were saying that?” 

Dax looked confused. What do you mean?” 

Oh, keep acting.Andrius laughed and said teasingly, Could it be that the title of Time Management MasterI saw was fake?” 

What Time Management Master?A trace of panic flashed in Dax’s eyes, and he said sternly, Andrius, although you’re the Wolf King, you can’t just spew nonsense. This is slander! I’ll sue you for slander! You’re slandering the reputation of the Southern Warzone Master!” 

Andrius did not say much when Dax refused to admit it



He dropped a stack of documents in front of Dax

He clicked his tongue, flipping through the pages of illustrious achievements, and criticized, You started getting around the moment you reached 18, and you even almost got it on with your high school teacher. Since then, you opened the door to a new world that couldn’t be contained


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