The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 677


Chapter 677 


That was like asking for Andriuslife.. 

He had grown up on Tiger Mountain with Old Hagstorm since his childhood

After leaving the mountain, he went to the western border, established the Lycantroops, and fought on the battlefield

When it came to killing, he had developed his skills into an art form

However, when it came to flirting, he felt a bit clumsy

Go on.Dax saw how clueless Andrius looked and could not help but feel a bit of satisfaction and revenge. He suggested, “You’re skilled in various forms of divination and fortunetelling. Why don’t you read the fortunes of those girls

As long as you start a conversation and show a bit of your abilities, you’ll be able to snag them easily.” 

That seemed to make sense

Thus, under Dax’s urging, Andrius awkwardly walked toward a table a little further away

Two girls were seated there. One was dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, making his morals scream out at him. The other was wearing a pink tank top that was rather alluring. The two of them were chatting happily, and their laughter was like bells tinkling in the air

Hey, ladies.” 

Andrius approached the girl in the tank top and greeted her politely

Hey,she looked at him in surprise and responded politely

The girl in the uniform seemed to realize something and got very excited. She leaned close to the girl in the tank top’s ear and whispered something. Her voice was very soft, but Andriussharp ears easily. caught what she was saying

Tina, this guy seems to be hitting on you.” 

Those words nearly caught Andrius off guard


He had not even spoken yet, but they could already see through his intentions. Was he that obvious

However, since he already took the first step, he forced himself to continue. Uh, I noticed your aura is a little dark, so your luck might not be” 

Oh, please!Before he could finish, the tanktop girl interrupted him with a disdainful expression. Mister, your way of flirting is so oldfashioned” 


The uniformed girl burst into laughter

In a private room not far away, Dax doubled over with laughter 

It was so fun watching the Wolf King being humiliated

He had not been this delighted in a long time



Andrius suddenly grabbed the girl’s hand and started feeling her pulse. Don’t move. I’ll diagnose you.” 

He looked so serious that the girl was dumbfounded

However, this was a bar. The girl did not really react when he grabbed her hand. She was just a little confused

Earlier, he was reading her aura. Now, he was diagnosing her

Was this a new way of flirting

The uniformed girl leaned in and whispered, Tina, he probably just wants to take advantage of you.” 


Before she could finish, Andrius suddenly let go of the girl’s hand and looked at her with a frightened expression. He quickly jumped a few steps back

The girl in the tank top was startled by his reaction and instinctively asked, What’s wrong?” 

Andrius shook his head and said, Love is momentary. If you want to live longer, you’d better seek treatment early!” 

She was confused for a moment and asked, What do you mean by that?” 

The uniformed girl beside her leaned in again. She glanced at Andrius, then whispered, Tina, he’s saying you have AIDS and should seek treatment.” 

Bullshit!The tanktop girl grew furious from embarrassment and splashed her drink on Andriusface.You have AIDS! Your entire family has AIDS!” 

Fortunately, Andrius reacted quickly and dodged in time. He was just about to explain, but the girl stood up in annoyance, shot him a glare, and moved to another spot

The uniformed girl followed suit

Andriusdebutended in failure

When he went back to the private room, he asked in confusion, Dax, what’s up with that girl? I reminded her out of kindness, but not only did she not appreciate it, she even threw her drink at me” 

Dax looked at him like he was looking at a fool

He said in exasperation, That girl actually had a good temper. If she had a fiery temper, she might have already thrown sulphuric acid at you.” 

Andrius was stunned. He looked at Dax’s strange gaze and asked curiously, Why? I was just telling the 


Dax instantly laughed when he saw Andriusdimwitted expression

After laughing, he shook his head and explained, These girls come to bars dressed the way they are because they’re hoping for a romantic encounter. To be blunt, they’re waiting to hook up with someone.


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