The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 678


Chapter 678 

When they meet someone they’re satisfied with, they’ll leave with the guy and head to a hotel for a pleasurable experience

However, you publicly exposed them and were so explicit about it. That’s just embarrassing them

It also shattered any idea other men might have had of approaching her. It would be stranger if she didn’t get angry at you.” 

That seemed to make sense

Andrius was struck by realization after hearing the explanation

Forget it.Dax shook his head and patted Andriusshoulder. He walked out and said, Watch closely and learn. I’ll only demonstrate once.” 

Andrius was stunned for a moment before following closely behind

Dax went to a table with a beautiful woman who exuded an air of elegance and coldness

When he walked over, he picked up the woman’s glass and downed it directly. This made Andrius dumbfounded

The woman was also stunned and looked at Dax with a confused expression. Her clear and expressive eyes flickered

Are you wondering why I drank your beer, babe?” 

Dax tilted his head back slightly and looked at the woman in interest. A slightly seductive smile curled on 

his lips

The woman did not speak

However, her expression changed. It was clear that she was intrigued by Dax’s words

This isn’t beer.He played with the glass, shook his head, and said with a smile, This is a river of warmth. It’s a vice, and it’s onlya remedy for the dull and gloomy days.” 

The woman’s expression suddenly changed, and a deep smile appeared on her lips

However, it’s a shameDax leaned in closer, his voice low and husky. This remedy is only temporary

It’s capable of alleviating physical fatigue for a time, but not the endless agony of the soul.” 

Dax understood these women too well

Everyone who came here was seeking excitement and yearned for it

It boiled down to the woman understanding the inappropriate desires of the man, and the man understanding the feigned aloofness of the woman

As soon as Dax finished speaking, the woman grew restless, wanting to engage in a deeper conversation 

with him 

However, he suddenly stepped forward and held the woman’s hand. Don’t speak. Let me see if I can alleviate your agony.” 

The woman froze, and her alluring lips fell open

Then, her eyes examined Dax from head to toe, and she said suggestively. Then tell me. What agony ami experiencing?” 

Dax caressed her hand and smiled. This agonyaccumulates as countless thoughts. It has the 

bitterness of swallowing grievances. And, at this moment, it’s the agony of meeting here but being unable to embrace each other.” 

The first two lines struck deep within the woman’s heart

Then, when Dax suddenly added a provocative line, the woman’s heart instantly skipped a beat. She leaned closer to him and whispered, Who says we can’t?” 

Then, she placed her hand on his and gave him a seductive glance

After that, the two entered an enchanting atmosphere

Dax used various techniques, and the cold woman eventually opened like a flower in bloom, her face flushing

Even the girls at the nearby tables could not help but join in

Handsome, could you take a look at me too? I’ve been in a lot of agony lately.” 

Handsome, meeting here is our fate. How can you favor one person and neglect the others?” 

Handsome, I also feel quite stifled lately. Could you help me out?” 

“Handsome, I’ve been feeling weak lately. Help me recharge!” 


A group of beautiful women surrounded Dax, flirting and teasing him without pause. They even formed a circle and waited their turn to interact with him


Was this even possible

Dax was on a roll

Andrius was dumbfounded

However, what surprised him more was what happened next

When the cold and aloof woman saw so many beauties trying to compete for Dax’s attention, she said unhappily, Ladies, don’t go too far. He’s my man. You all” 

As she spoke, she pulled Dax into her embrace, preparing to lay her claim on him

Before she could finish, he leaned in close and whispered something into her ear

Then, as Andrius watched in astonishment, the woman let go of Dax and obediently listened to his words


It was simply unbelievable

Andrius secretly gave him a thumbsup

Andrius, come.” 

At that moment, Dax emerged from the midst of the women and pulled Andrius over as well

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