The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 679


When the women saw Andrius, they instinctively took a few steps back, sizing him up with some disdain

Why did you bring him here?” 

Is he going to tell us that we have AIDS too?” 

He’s not our type” 


It was clear that the girls had witnessed the previous scene and were still apprehensive about Andrius. They kept their distance from him

What are you saying?” 

Dax pretended to be displeased and scolded, Let me tell you. My friend here has some incredible skills. Don’t underestimate him.” 

The ladies started to chatter at his words

What incredible skills could he have?” 

Is he great at using his tongue?” 

Or is he wellendowed and can last a long time?” 

Maybe he’s a master of every position.” 

Even though Andrius was known as the Wolf King, he could not help but blush at the provocative words 

from those ladies

Fortunately, the bar was dimly lit with colorful lights, so the girls could not really see his complexion

His skill is quite miraculous.” 

Dax gathered the girls together and said mysteriously. He’s skilled in medicine. He can transform a 40- yearold woman into a 20yearold girl!” 


Is he that good?” 

Can he change skin tone as well?” 

Are you just pulling our legs?” 

The ladiesrepulsion toward Andrius decreased significantly. They cautiously looked at him and asked questions that left him speechless

The situation looked good

Seeing this, Dax nudged Andrius and said, Come on, pick one and show them your special skill. There’s no need to go too far. Just relieve the tension in their muscles and maintain their figures” 


Andrius walked straight toward one of the girls T’ll try my best!” 

The woman was stunned and pointed to herself Me?” 

Before she could finish speaking Andrius had already transformed into a whirlwind, moving around her 




He could tell that this woman was around her late twenties and had given birth in the past couple of years, causing her figure to change

He was currently using a special technique that could help her maintain her figure perfectly and prevent any rebound

However, as he performed the technique, the girl cried out in pain

AhArghYou’re killing me” 

Her screams were earpiercing

Then, she ran away while screaming

The other women nearby were all shocked by this scene

He was not helping them maintain their figure. It was premeditated murder

They all scattered in less than five seconds

All that remained was a dumbfounded Andrius and an annoyed Dax


Dax was completely disappointed in Andrius, then left in anger. He did not want to care about Andrius. anymore. He could not teach him. He really could not


Seeing that Dax was also preparing to leave, Andrius quickly blocked his way and smiled. “They can leave, but you can’t.” 

Dax looked like he had given up. Andrius, you might as well just kill me.” 

Kill you?Andrius chuckled and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. We’re like brothers. I definitely won’t kill you. HoweverI’m not sure whether or not your wife will.” 

Dax instinctively felt that something was off when he saw Andriusteasing smile.


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