The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 680


Chapter 680 

Dax instinctively stopped and asked, What do you mean?” 

Come and take a look at this.” 

Andrius pulled up a video on his phone which showed the entire process of Dax flirting with the ladies 



Dax never expected Andrius to be so crafty

He instinctively reached out to grab the phone, but Andrius was one step ahead and took it away

Now, Dax was truly at a loss. He almost spat out blood

Forget itHe exchanged a glance with Andrius and conceded, hanging his head. Someone like you won’t be able to learn in a short amount of time

“Let’s skip this step and get straight to the point.” 

What do we do?” 

I have a good friend who has a daughter.Dax was genuinely exhausted and said directly, She just arrived here a few days ago

She has an outstanding figure and appearance, and she’ll overshadow 99% of the girls. Let her pretend to be your girlfriend and help you fend off those unwanted admirers

I’ll call her right now and ask her to come help.” 

After saying that, he took out his phone and sent a message

Unwanted admirers… 

That phrase made Andrius feel strange

However, he would not mull over it at this point. He just asked curiously, You never mentioned that you knew such a beautiful girl before.” 

Well, it’s a long story.Dax paused and then summarized, My friend is in Kiyoto, and his family has some 

influence there

However, his family arranged a marriage for the girl, which led to her resisting. She defectedfrom Kiyoto and came to the Southern Warzone to seek refuge with me.” 


She was even an affluent lady from Kiyoto

Andrius shook his head and did not think too much about it

Not long after, a pleasant voice from afar sounded. The voice was somewhat familiar. Uncle Dax, just so you know, I won’t help if the guy is too disappointing!” 

The voice got closer and closer, and eventually, a beautiful young woman appeared in front of Andrius She had pigtails and wore a white blouse, kneelength black skirt, and pure white socks, giving her a youthful vibe 

However, what astonished Andrius was that the girl was none other than Emmy Gaines, the girl who had fallen down the cliff with him that night

It’s you!” 

It’s you!” 

Andrius and Emmy shouted at almost the same time

One was filled with shock, and the other was full of delight

What, you two know each other?” 

This time, it was Dax’s turn to be surprised. His gaze shifted between the two. Then, he said, In that case, you two can talk. I won’t interfere too much.” 

After saying that, he sat down nearby, poured himself a few glasses of wine, and downed them one after another, seemingly trying to console his heart that had been deeply wounded by Andrius

When he was done drinking, he left on his own

Andrius briefly explained the situation. There’s a woman pursuing me, but I don’t want anything to do with her. So, I want you to pretend to be my girlfriend to dissuade her.” 

Emmy listened to his words and readily agreed. No problem. Leave it to me. I’ll make sure she gives up 

on you.” 

A cunning glint flashed in her clear eyes as she said that

Andrius suddenly had a bad feeling when he looked at Dax and Emmy. However, he could not pinpoint. exactly what was off

HoweverEmmy grinned and said, Mister, you have to tell me your name this time, or I won’t be able to perform well” 

Andrius Moonshade.” 

Okay, Mr. Moonshade,Emmy nodded and greeted him sweetly, giving him goosebumps. Then, she continued, Mr. Moonshade, call the person pursuing you and ask her to come here. I’ll deal with her for 



Andrius used the Wolf King’s number he gave to Luna and sent her a message

The content was simple

Ms. Crestfall, I’m at Starry Sky Bar. Come join me for a couple of drinks.” 

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