The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 681



Chapter 681 

After sending the message, Andriusheart suddenly felt nervous for some reason

Come to think of it, when Luna proposed divorce and gave him money to live well, he had not felt much at that time

Now, however, his heart was pounding

Andrius said, By the way, don’t call my name later, got it?” 

Got it,Emmy responded thoughtfully

Not long after, he received a text message from Luna. Wolf King, I’m at the entrance.” 

He looked over

Luna wore a blue Tshirt and denim shorts that reached her thighs, showing off her long, fair, and tender legs, dazzling the eyes with their brilliance

Andrius quickly put on his mask

Emmy immediately looked over when she saw Andriusmovement

The moment she did, her eyes widened, and she subconsciously raised her head and chest

In just a short amount of time, she was already comparing herself to Luna

Luna had fair skin, a beautiful face, long legs, and curves in all the right places. No one could resist her

Emmy also had fair skin, a beautiful face, and long legs, but her curves were not as defined. She instantly felt ridiculous

It was very disheartening

However, there was no helping it

Luna had several years of work experience, and her mature and charming temperament was like peaches, making people unable to resist taking a bite

Emmy was still in the early stages of maturing with an appearance that was pure and beautiful, but she lacked that hint of womanly charm

Thus, the moment Luna walked in, Emmy immediately straddled Andrius and sat facetoface with him

It was incredibly close and intimate

Then, she held his face and kissed him. The kiss was like a bolt of lightning

Andrius was dumbstruck

What the f*ck

Emmy was serious

Luna, who saw this scene, felt like her world had just shattered. She froze at the entrance in a daze, feeling like her heart was being sliced by a knife

The Wolf King already had someone

Furthermore, he was being intimate with the woman in front of her….. 

Luna could not believe what she was seeing, nor did she want to accept it. She stumbled and barely 

managed to stand by supporting herself against a table

Do you need something?” 

The entire scene revolved around Emmy

After giving Andrius a passionate kiss, she raised her head to look at Luna, and her voice contained a hint of leisure and provocation

IILuna pointed to the maskwearing Andrius and stammered, II’m here for him.” 

He’s my man!Emmy sized Luna up with a hint of hostility in her eyes. Then, he pressed Andriushead to her embrace and asked, Why are you looking for him?” 

“Ddon’t be mad, Emmy.Andrius struggled to breathe as his head was trapped, and he quickly lifted his head to pretend to explain, Ms. Crestfall is just a very ordinary friend of mine. Don’t overthink it.” 

Emmy snorted and asserted her dominance by raising his chin. Keep your distance in the future, got it?It was unknown whether her words were a warning to Andrius or to Luna

However, Luna clearly took it to heart. Her heart felt like it had been pierced by countless needles. The pain was excruciating

II’m sorry for bothering you.” 

She suppressed the pain in her heart, forced a smile, and turned to leave.


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