The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 682


Chapter 682 

The moment she turned around, tears in her eyes welled up uncontrollably and gushed out like a spring

Plop, plop… 

They fell heavily on the ground like pieces of a shattered heart, creating ripples under the colorful lights and wine

Her desolate figure looked lost

Andriusheart clenched. However, he knew that he could not be softhearted. Now was not the time to be 


Now, she probably won’t come to bother me again, right?” 

Andrius pushed Emmy away. His words seemed to be directed at Emmy and also at himself, carrying a hint of bitterness


Then, he poured a glass of wine and downed it in one go

Emmy looked at Luna’s back and said confidently, In my many years of experience, that one minute was 

a critical hit. It dealt fatal damage. She won’t recover for at least two or three years.” 

Fatal damage… 

Andrius smiled wryly, not sure whether to be happy or sad

Then, he had a few more drinks by himself

Don’t drink alone!” 

Emmy poured herself a glass and clinked it with Andrius

Andrius downed another glass. Then, he stood up and prepared to leave

Wait!Emmy pulled Andrius and pouted. Mister, I did you such a huge favor earlier. Can’t you show some appreciation?” 

Andrius was stunned. How do you want me to show my appreciation?” 

Simple. Just have a few drinks with me.” 

Thus, Andrius sat back down at the table

Mister, have you never been in a relationship before?Emmy asked while playing with the wine glass in her hand, but her tone seemed certain

No.Andrius shook his head

The two chatted while drinking

After a few rounds of drinking…. 

Mister.Emmy suddenly leaned close to Andriusface, her gemlike eyes sparkling. Why don’t you be my boyfriend?” 

They were so close that Andrius could smell the faint fragrance of her body. The close distance made him a bit uncomfortable, so he subconsciously moved back a little

You’re drunk.” 


Then, he picked up his glass and placed it between them

I’m not. Mister, I’m serious. To be honestEmmy stared into Andriuseyes and said emotionally, Ever since that night when you risked your life to jump off the cliff to save me, my heart has been yours. I know that I’ve fallen in love with you.” 

Emmy leaned in again, her clear eyes almost right in front of Andrius, reflecting his appearance clearly

Then, she took her own glass, circled her arm around Andrius, and brought it close to her as if they were toasting. She moved as if to drink and said, Mister, be my boyfriend!” 

Andrius was startled by her provocative action and choked. He discreetly pulled his arm back and said seriously, Ms. Gaines, you shouldn’t fall in love with me. I’m currently caught in a whirlpool of conspiracy, and I’m about to face a critical juncture. Falling for me isn’t a wise choice.” 

His expression was serious.


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