The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 683


Chapter 683 


Emmy suddenly laughed, her smile blooming like a flower

Andrius was confused

She smiled playfully, her eyes crinkling at Andrius, and said, Mister, did you actually take me seriously just now? Did you think I was going to cling to you?” 

Was she really just joking

Andrius was completely confused

WellHe was at a loss for words, not knowing how to respond

Okay, I’ll stop teasing you

Emmy returned to her seat, propped her chin up with her hands, and said with a flushed face, Actually, what I wanted to say was that I helped you, so you should help me as well.” 

Andrius sighed in relief and asked, Help you with what?” 

Be my boyfriend!” 

After that, she added, Don’t misunderstand, Mister. I’m not asking you to be my real boyfriend. I just want you to do what I did earlier and chase my fiance away,” 


Andrius suddenly remembered what Dax said earlier

Thus, he agreed easily. No problem. Leave it to me.” 

Haha, thanks!Emmy clinked glasses with Andrius again.” 

After drinking, Andrius gave her his number. Call me whenever you need me.” 

Then, he left

Seeing his departing back, a cunning look flashed on Emmy’s delicate face

You can’t run, Mister.” 

She clenched her fists and harrumphed coquettishly. Even if she did not obtain his heart, she was determined to obtain him

On the other side, Andrius went back to the garage

Noir immediately approached while wagging his brows. Andy, did Dax take you out for some fun? Isn’t he creative?” 

Andrius glared at Noir. Does your ass itch? Do you want me to give you a beating?” 

Nope!Noir wilted immediately. Actually, what I wanted to ask is if Ms. Crestfall’s situation has been resolved.” 

It should be, more or lessAndrius did not dwell on this topic too much and asked, Tell me the latest information from the Hawkeye Group” 

Well Noir looked troubled and shook his head. Harpy has been reporting daily as usual, but there hasn’t been any valuable information recently 

Chap 683 

As for the annihilation of the Kleins, it’s like someone used an eraser to wipe it clean. There are no traces left behind. Harpy and the others can’t find any valuable leads.” 

Andrius raised his brows

That was tough. It was highly likely that someone behind the scenes was deliberately erasing all traces


Noir handed him a militarysupplied cigarette and lit one for himself

Andrius took the cigarette, and Noir lit it for him

The duo took long drags.. 

Andrius was lost in thought

The timing was too strange. The Grand Medicinal Competition just ended, and he had just acquired the 


However, all the clues disappeared… 

Andrius remembered Harpy reporting that another force was investigating this matter as well, and they seemed to be one step ahead… 

Things were becoming more treacherous

Andrius finished the cigarette, flicked the butt to the ground, and crushed it with his foot. Looks like I’ll have to find a way to rescue Black Hawk from the Dragon’s Dungeon and have him help investigate the events from twenty years ago.” 


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