The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 684

Chapter 684

The Dragon’s Dungeon!

Noir’s eyes widened slightly

As the Wolf King’s private guard captain, he followed Andrius in countless battles, but he still found the situation quite tricky

He frowned and said. “Andy, the Dragon’s Dungeon is under Kiyoto’s jurisdiction It’s right under the emperor’s feet, and it’s guarded by the elite forces of the Central Warzone and several War Gods.

“Challenging the heavens is easy, but challenging the Dragon’s Dungeon… is hard!”

This statement was definitely not groundless

Andrus knew how tricky this situation was

However, there was no other choice

He sighed and said, hope that Dr Bond and Dr Deleon will find something valuable or some useful clues from the bodies

“Otherwise, the only other option is the Dragon’s Dungeon Even if it’s a tiger’s lair, a mountain of knives, or a sea of fire, I must brave it

Noir fell silent and occasionally took a drag from his cigarette

Andrius instructed, “Noir, you have to prepare ahead no matter the situation Whether it’s footprinting. making plans, or dealing with subordinates, you have to arrange everything as soon as possible.”

“Got it!” Noir answered and immediately went to prepare

The Dragon’s Dungeon

It was the most heavily guarded prison in Florence and was so terrifying that it left people speechless Even Andrius was not sure where to start

However, making preparations was the only way to increase the success rate of raiding the prison.

After giving the order, he did not go anywhere and chose to spend the night in the garage.

He could not go back to Dream’s Waterfront, and Halle was waiting in the Royal Gardens, so he could only stay here

Night fell, the bright mood shone above, and darkness and silence enveloped everything.

Andrus lay on the hard wooden bed, unable to fall asleep for a long time. “Noir, that oaf… He’s been in Sumeria for so long but hasn’t even treated himself to a good mattress. He really doesn’t know how to enjoy life

Andrius grumbled as his thoughts wandered.

He thought of Luna, who had given him a bank card and wished him all the best for the future.

He thought of Halle’s passionate confession whereby she said that she would always be waiting for him. behind.

He thought of Emmy, wondering if the kiss at the bar was genuine or not…

He thought of the Klein family’s corpses and the emperor in Kiyoto.

He thought of many things..


Thunder resounded through the sky, cutting through the darkness and illuminating it like daylight.

However, it only lasted for an instant



Torrential rain poured down.

It pounded the ground, the treetops, and the roofs.

It struck every corner of the earth, sparing no part of Sumeria.

In just the blink of an eye, the rainwater streaming down from the eaves merged and converged into rivulets, becoming a torrent that swept across the city.

At Dream’s Waterfront, upon hearing that Luna went to find the Wolf King, Harry led the Crestfalls along with many younger generations to inquire about the situation.

However, when they arrived outside, they noticed that the lights were off.

Harry frowned and opened the door.

“Luna Luna

He called out twice, but no one answered.

However, Harry noticed Luna’s shoes by the side.

She was at home!

This was strange. Usually, around this time, she would either be dealing with work matters or studying

medical books

However, today was different.


Entering Luna’s bedroom, Harry turned on the lights and realized that she was wrapped in a blanket, crying He knew the reason without having to ask.


Harry patted the blanket and said in a low voice, “Tell me what happened with the Wolf King. Dad will think of a solution for you.”

Luna did not speak. She emerged from the blanket, washed her face, and returned to the living room.

“The Wolf King messaged me today, inviting me to a bar.”

Luna’s eyes and nose were red

The other family members exchanged glances but remained silent.


As she spoke, she could not hold back her tears again “When I went there, he was holding a young woman, and they were k–k- kissing.”

The Crestfalls looked at each other, their expressions growing solemn.


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