The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 685

Chapter 685

“Then… that girl asked me what I wanted.” Luna sobbed as she said, “It seemed like a question, but it was more like a show of strength.

“The Wolf King quickly explained to her that I was just a completely ordinary female friend…”

At that point, Luna could not hold back anymore and burst into tears.

The people in the hall did not know whether to laugh or cry. They thought that something major had happened.

According to what Luna said, the Wolf King was only hugging another woman. There was no clear


“Luna…” Harry patted Luna’s back and said, “Think about it. What kind of person is the Wolf King? Even a princess would be willing to serve him, and even a queen would be restless, longing to keep him.

“Someone like him will definitely be recorded in history, bringing honor to his ancestors, just like the emperors in the past.

“You should summon your determination.”

What did that mean?

Luna raised her head, looking at Harry with teary eyes.

Harry continued, “Even if you know it won’t work, you still have to muster up your courage, just like what you did in the fourth round of the Grand Medicinal Competition.

“Happiness is something you have to strive for. It’s not something you wait to drop from the sky while staying at home.

“As long as the Wolf King isn’t married, hugging another woman doesn’t mean anything. You still have many chances!”

Those words struck Luna.

Yes, she should not remain disheartened like this, and she should not be hiding in her blanket crying.

“That’s right, Luna! It’s perfectly normal for someone like the Wolf King to have multiple partners.”

“Luna, you shouldn’t be too bothered. If you like the Wolf King, then you should pursue him boldly so you won’t regret it in the future. You only live once, after all!”

“Luna, we all support you. Go and pursue the Wolf King!”

They all spoke with conviction.

In reality, they just wanted Luna to grab onto the Wolf King so that the Crestfall family’s status could rise as well.


Luna wiped her tears, and her face brightened up.

However, she was not sure where to start.

“Luna, actually, the Wolf King must still be interested in you.” A girl who frequented nightclubs stood up and encouraged, “You could try changing your dressing and the way you talk.”

Another young man said, “That’s right, Luna! Men like the Wolf King prefer girls who appear innocent on

the surface but provocative when they’re together. That’s known as being both pure and seductive. It’s guaranteed to work on men!”

“Luna, next time you meet the Wolf King, wear stockings and fishnets and gradually move to more provocative clothing. When talking, use a soft voice and faintly press against him. No man can resist that.”

The discussion became bolder and more explicit.

“Exactly. Luna, you have a great figure and face. Try various styles of clothing and observe which one the Wolf King reacts to, then use that style on him. Then, when you’re together in private, be more proactive and lean against him more. Let me teach you some tricks.

“Trip when you walk and lose your keys when you go out.

“Get drunk just by drinking water and have a stomachache even if you’re just laying down.

“Don’t close the door when showering and say you can’t reach your back when scrubbing.

“When it’s time to turn off the lights, say that you like to sleep in the nude.

“Stay up all night and say you want to cuddle.”

Luna blushed at those words.

That….. That was too explicit….

Harry understood Luna best.

Continuing this in front of so many people might make her even more embarrassed, and it might backfire


He stood up and said, “Okay, everyone should go back now. Luna, think carefully about your own happiness.”

Then, he led the large group and left Dream’s Waterfront.

There was heavy rain that night, splattering on the ground loudly. Each drop echoed incessantly in Luna’s


“That’s right! For the Wolf King, I studied medicine day and night, and I went against Grandpa’s wishes and sent Andrius away. I’ve already sacrificed so much. I can’t just accept defeat because another woman suddenly appeared.

“I can fail, but I won’t accept it unless there’s a clear reason.

“Wolf King, I’ll definitely win you over. I want to bear your children and spend my life with you!”

At that moment, Luna was filled with determination.

She was going to change herself and take the initiative!

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