The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 686

Chapter 686

The next day, Luna woke up early.

After washing up and having breakfast, she messaged a few of her cousins who advised her last night and invited them to go shopping. She wanted to buy some sexy lingerie and cute accessories.

Not long after, three girls arrived outside Dream’s Waterfront.

The one leading the group was Roxy, the girl who stood out and amazed everyone with her ideas last night.

“Luna, you’ve finally figured it out. That’s great!”

“We women only have a few years of youth, so we have to grasp it well to end it on a perfect note.”

“Don’t worry, Luna. With the plan we come up with and your own qualities, I guarantee you’ll have the Wolf King wrapped around your finger!”

The group of girls walked while chatting.

Meanwhile, at Noir’s garage, Andrius was still asleep.

However, he was woken up by a call. The caller ID showed that it was Emmy.

“Mister, hurry up and save me.”

Andrius asked groggily, “What is it?”

“It’s about what we discussed yesterday.” Emmy sighed and said helplessly, “The fiance my family arranged for me followed me to Sumeria and is inviting me to a meal at a hotel.”

That was quick.

Andrius was somewhat surprised, but since he agreed, he naturally could not go back on his word. “No- problem.”

“It’s at Faerie Hotel. Hurry up and come.”

“Wait for me. I’ll be right there.”

Twenty minutes later, Andrius arrived at Faerie Hotel on a scooter.

Just as he parked the scooter, he heard Emmy’s clear voice behind him, tinged with some complaints Mister, couldn’t you have dressed up a bit? You should at least make us look like a distinguished and elegant couple while you’re standing next to me.”

Andrius chuckled and said, “You don’t understand. A man’s demeanor comes from within. Some people look like slobs even in formal military attire, but some people might appear to be mighty generals even in rags! What’s the point of deliberately dressing up?”

Emmy was speechless and had no choice but to drop it.

The two walked into the hotel and went to the private room.

Emmy linked arms with Andrius and pushed open the door.

A young man in a suit wearing a bowtie and earrings was sitting there. He flipped through a fashion magazine with refined movements. He was Emmy’s fiance, Philip Rourke.



Philip looked up when he heard the movement.

His eyes immediately lit up when he saw Emmy, but then he saw Andrius beside her and the two of them locking arms…

Philip was instantly furious. However, he concealed it with a polite smile.

Then, he stood up and courteously pulled out the chair beside him, saying, “Come here, Emmy.”

“No need.” Emmy refused bluntly, sat down beside Andrius, and said, “Let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Andrius Moonshade. Andrius, this is my friend from Kiyoto, Philip Rourke.”

Her boyfriend, Andrius Moonshade!

Her friend, Philip Rourke!

As Emmy’s fiance, being treated and introduced like this ignited a blazing flame in Philip’s chest.

At that moment, he was like an angry lion, glaring intently at Andrius

If looks could kill, Andrius would have been dismembered into a thousand pieces!

However, Philip suppressed his anger.

“What are you looking at?” Emmy was not easily frightened and snorted coldly when she saw his furious expression. “Didn’t you want to treat me to a meal? Hurry up. I’m busy later.”

“Sure, sure!”

A sinister glint flashed in Philip’s eyes as he forced a smile. “Emmy, you’re used to the luxurious delicacies in Kiyoto, so you might not be accustomed to Sumerian cuisine.

“Thus, I specially reserved this hotel and hired an internationally renowned chef, Hubert, at a high price to be our head chef today. His specialty is Beef Wellington.

“Furthermore, the beef here is flown in from abroad. It’s absolutely fresh, and I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with it.”

As he said this, he deliberately cast a provoking glance at Andrius. He was not only trying to woo Emmy but also showing off to Andrius, showing off his wealth and power.

However, Emmy merely gave a disinterested ‘oh‘, and Andrius did not pay him any attention from start to finish.

Philip’s show ended up in failure.


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