The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 687

Chapter 687

After being embarrassed, Philip was just about to continue causing trouble when a waiter entered with freshly grilled steaks.

Seeing this, he immediately perked up.

“Come, come, here’s the Beef Wellington. Eating it is an amazing experience…” he explained while eating.

He cut the steak into small pieces, using the knife and fork as if he had soaked in refinement for years, and elegance was infused into his very bones.

However, Emmy was focused on her own food and completely ignored him.

Andrius was also eating with relish. –

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…”

Philip, who was frustrated and humiliated, found a flaw and sneered at the uncouth Andrius. “Mr. Moonshade, are you from the countryside?”

Andrius was stunned for a moment and shoved another large slice of steak in his mouth, then mumbled with his mouth full, “Yeah, I’m from the western mountainous area.”

“No wonder…” Philip’s expression seemed to say, ‘I knew it‘, and he said sarcastically. “This is the first time I’ve seen someone eat steak like it’s jerky. Disgraceful. Truly disgraceful!”

Andrius could not be bothered with him and continued eating.

When he ignored Philip, Philip thought that he was backing down because of embarrassment. He thought that his insults were working and doubled down on them.

“Eating steak is a refined habit of the nobility. It’s not something anyone can learn overnight. For instance, cutting the steak.

“Your left hand holds the fork, pressing down on one end of the steak. Don’t exert too much force, or it’l deform the steak, but don’t exert too little force either, or the meat will slip away while cutting.” Philip explained while demonstrating, satisfaction and superiority in his tone.

“Hold the knife with your right hand and cut slowly. Don’t cut too forcefully or quickly, as that will squeeze out the juices inside and make the steak lose its tender and smooth texture, becoming dry and tough.

“However, don’t cut too lightly or slowly, or you won’t be able to cut it at all, making it obvious that you’re a novice. You’ll become a laughingstock.”

Then, he cut a piece, put it in his mouth, chewed slowly, and displayed a face filled with enjoyment.

“It’s clear at a glance that this is Mr. Moonshade’s first time eating steak. He’s uncultured and lacks grace, and he doesn’t know how to appreciate its taste at all. What a shame. What a shame.” Philip shook his head and mocked slowly.


Just as Emmy could not stand it anymore, Andrius suddenly laughed.

His laugh was full of contempt and disdain.

“I didn’t want to expose the mask of cultured elites like you, but since you insist on talking about elegance and want to pretend to be noble, then it’s time to demonstrate what real skill is like Watch closely

After Andrius spoke, he lightly tapped the table with his right hand

The utensils were launched into the air with a smack, spinning and sparkling brightly before landing precisely in Andrius‘ hand, handle first.

Then, he flicked the tip of the knife.

The rest of the steak flipped in the air.




A smile curved on Andrius‘ lips as he skillfully held the knife, creating a trail of light in the air.

However, there was only one target, and that was the steak suspended in the air without any external


Each cut was swifter and more dazzling than the last.

Three seconds later…


Andrius made the final cut and tossed the knife up.


The steak landed on the plate without a drop of grease spattering!

It was no different than how it first looked.


Philip was just about to start mocking again when he saw this, but at that moment, there was the sharp sound of air being pierced.

It was the knife falling down.

Swoosh… Thud!

The tip of the knife struck the table, embedding deeply into it.

At the same time, the force it brought resonated through the table, creating a miraculous scene.


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