The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 689

Chapter 689

She and Andrius had been together for three months, so she could recognize him by his silhouette.

This guy…

Disgust flashed in Luna’s eyes.

She gave him money to go back to his hometown in the west and live a good life.

Unexpectedly, he immediately got involved with another young lady…

Some habits never change.

He was just a scumbag and a beast!

No, he was worse than a beast!

However, Andrius was a country bumpkin who had neither money or power, so why were so many young girls attracted to him?

Lyra, Snow, Rainbow, Noelle, plus this one…

Perhaps there were even more that she was not aware of.

How many in total was that?

Luna did not understand and was greatly shocked.

She put away her thoughts and looked at the Porsche driving away, shaking her head. “That guy is so average. Why is he so popular?

“He has no talent, no knowledge, and no abilities. Just with his mouth, he’s managed to charm so many girls. I really don’t understand what these girls see in him.”

With that, Luna decided not to think about it. A scumbag like him was not worth any of her time.

“Haha, that’s where you’re wrong, Luna.” Roxy also looked in the direction of the Porsche and rolled her eyes, saying, “Many girls are inexperienced and love listening to a man’s sweet talk. Andrius definitely won them over with his mouth.”

The other girls chimed in agreement.

“He only knows how to play with the emotions of innocent girls. He’s a true scumbag.”

“Someone like Andrius who deceives ignorant girls is worse than a beast. He’ll get his retribution one day.”

Luna got into the car, and the other girls followed suit.

Ring, ring, ring…

At that moment, Belarus called her. “Luna, where are you now? Come over if you’re not busy. I have something to talk to you about.”

Luna quickly replied, “Okay, Grandpa. I’ll go there right away.”

Not long after, Luna and the girls arrived at Crestfall Manor.

“Have a seat.”

Belarus was alone on the couch with a pot of hot tea on the coffee table. When he saw Luna, he poured a cup for her as well.

Luna quickly took the cup and sat down, asking, “What did you want to talk about, Grandpa?”

“It’s about Andrius.” Belarus looked at Luna and said, “You’ve been with him for several months. Do you really have no feelings for him?”


In that instant, Luna recalled the scene of Andrius standing in front of her, selflessly shielding her. It remained fresh in her mind.

However, she then remembered the scene earlier and their past interactions. She felt a wave of disgust.

Andrius was just a scumbag. He was a beast. There was nothing she would miss about him.

Thus, she said bluntly, “Grandpa, Andrius and I walk on different paths. We have no feelings for each other.”

Belarus‘ graying brows furrowed upon hearing those words.

He looked at Luna and said seriously, “I know what Andrius is like. Although he does like to talk big and can be impulsive at times, he’s not a bad person deep down.

“Moreover, he doesn’t have any major flaws. I think that you can give him another chance.

“All young people make mistakes. It’s good as long as they learn from them.”

Luna was left speechless. She had just kicked him out of the house, but he was already getting together with another girl. Adding to what she saw with her own eyes, she did not know how many times he had done this before.

Learn from mistakes…

In her eyes, Andrius would never learn from his mistakes in his lifetime.


Luna took a deep breath and decided to confess everything. Otherwise, he would keep trying to persuade her.

“To be honest, there are a lot of things about Andrius that I haven’t told you.

“A long time ago, I already saw him getting close with Dr. Artemis’s daughter, Lyra. Then, he got lovey- dovey with the daughter of a martyr, and he even had my cousin Rainbow wrapped around his finger.

“Just earlier, Roxy and I were at the mall shopping, and we saw Andrius getting into a young woman’s car.” Luna pursed her lips, shook her head, and did not continue.

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