The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 690

Chapter 690

Impossible! That’s absolutely impossible!” Belarus‘ brows and beard shook as he refuted bluntly “You must have gotten the wrong person. Andrius isn’t the kind of person you’re describing.”

Luna sighed, not wanting to argue with him, and glanced at Roxy and the others.

“Grandpa, Luna is right. We saw Andrius with a young lady at the mall earlier.”

“That’s right, Grandpa. Andrius is just a scumbag. He’s completely unworthy of Luna.”

“Grandpa, stop persuading Luna to get back together with Andrius. You’ll be pushing her back into the fire. She’ll never be happy if she’s with Andrius!”

The girls chimed in, trying to dissuade Belarus.

After all, they knew very well whether they wanted the Wolf King as their brother–in–law or a scumbag.

“No” Belarus still shook his head firmly. “I believe in Andrius‘ character. He wouldn’t do something like that.”

The group fell silent

Luna was angry and frustrated, yet powerless. She was worried about speaking too harshly and upsetting her grandfather

However, she believed that he would find out Andrius‘ true colors one day.

“Think about it carefully, Luna Belarus advised Luna once more, then got up and left with his cane.

Luna silently made a vow as she watched his back.

“Grandpa, one day, I’ll prove to you that your granddaughter deserves a better ending, not with a scumbag like Andrius.”

On the other side, after seeing Andrius off, Emmy watched his departing figure with gleaming eyes.

Andrius‘ performance today was perfect. She believed that Philip would not come to bother her anymore.

Then, she joyfully drove back to her hotel.

Just as she parked her car in the underground parking lot and got out, an old man in long robes walked toward her.

Emmy only glanced at him before looking away.

Then, the old man walked directly to her.

“What do you want?” Emmy asked the old man cautiously.

He grinned at her, revealing a mouthful of yellowed teeth. “Do you know who I am?”


Then, she was about to lock her car door and leave.

However, the moment she turned around, the old man blocked her path again. He held a talisman in his

hand and blew a breath toward her.

Emmy felt her vision go dark before she could react. Then, her gaze became blank and mechanical, as if she had become a puppet

The old man waved his hand in front of her eyes and chuckled. “Now, do you recognize me?”

Emmy nodded woodenly

The old man smiled in triumph and said “Get in the car. We’re going to the airport.”

Emmy got into the car and drove the old man to the airport.

Meanwhile, Andrius was completely unaware of this. He was at the garage, having a video call with Fergus and Elmer

“Wolf King we’ve thoroughly examined the corpses. They have vague fragments of a map on their back, just as the rumors say However, the fragments are too scattered

“Elmer and I tried various methods but couldn’t piece them together We can’t even replicate or reconstruct a clue from a single corpse, so an accurate map is still a distant goal.”

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