The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 691

Chapter 691

Andrius‘ heart sank.

Elmer and Fergus were both renowned in Florence and not much inferior to him.

If even they could not find any clues, then he had to prepare for the worst.

He had to rescue the Black Hawk from the Dragon’s Dungeon and have him investigate all of this.

After hanging up the phone, Andrius called Noir. “How are the preparations for the Dragon’s Dungeon breakout that I asked you to arrange before?”

“I’ve arranged everything, Andy.” Noir took out a document. “This is the latest defense layout within a ten- mile radius of the Dragon’s Dungeon. All the scouts, hidden sentinels, and other modern devices are marked here.

“I’ve also gathered 50 members of the Ghosts special forces. They’re the most elite warriors in the Lycantroops. There’s no information about them within the Lycantroops, and they only obey the Wolf King’s orders. Since you’ve stepped down, no one knows of their existence.

“Furthermore, they’re all experienced in battle and have incredibly strong wills. Even if something unexpected happens and they’re captured by the Central Warzone Master, they won’t reveal a single word.”

After saying that, Noir clapped his hands, and a group of soldiers immediately walked in.

Each of them stood over six feet tall, with exceptionally study builds and no distinct features on their faces, making them able to blend into a crowd easily.

Their expressions were resolute. As they stood in the room, an aura of iron blood and killing intent emanated from them.

It was clear that they were experienced elites. All they needed was a command to crush any enemy before them.

At that moment, upon seeing Andrius, various emotions flickered in their faces–excitement, ecstasy, reverence, worship…

Finally, they shouted in a thunderous roar, “Wolf King!”

Their intense momentum surged to the sky and caused the boundless wilderness and endless clouds to part as if overwhelmed by their aura.

“Good! As expected of the Ghosts.”

Just by observing their demeanor, Andrius knew that with these people, they would undoubtedly become an invincible force. With them around, this operation would go much smoother.

However, a new issue arose.

Registus already said that he could not appear in public.

If he used any transportation methods, Registus would likely find out immediately.

At that point, the War Gods and Central Warzone Master would be on high alert, making any action incredibly difficult.

However, the Ghosts were not part of the hierarchy. They could go unnoticed if they split up and headed to Kiyoto.

Seeing Andrius‘ somber expression, Noir asked curiously, “Andy, is there anything wrong?”

Andrius frowned and revealed his considerations. “I’m currently under surveillance. I’ll immediately be exposed as soon as I enter Kiyoto and reach the Central Warzone. Our every move is being watched by the emperor and the others. It’ll be hard to move secretly…”

Upon hearing those words, Noir’s expression darkened slightly.

That was indeed a problem.

Beep, beep, beep…

Suddenly, Dax called on the phone and said in an anxious tone, “Andrius, I can’t reach Emmy’s phone. Is she with you right now?”


She drove back a while ago.

Andrius immediately realized that something might have happened to her.

He ended the call and quickly instructed, “Have the Hawkeye Group investigate and find out what happened to Emmy Gaines!”

“Yes, sir!”

Noir received a response in less than three minutes.

“Andy, the surveillance shows that Ms. Gaines was hypnotized by an old man in the parking lot and drove to the airport.

“She has already boarded a plane and is heading for Kiyoto now.”


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