The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 692

Chapter 692

She was on a plane to Kiyoto…

Andrius‘ expression instantly turned cold. It must be that Rourke guy. “Did you find out anything?”

A person burst in as soon as Noir finished speaking. It was Dax.


Andrius immediately explained the situation to him.

“Kiyoto… It’s definitely that Rourke guy!” Dax’s guess was exactly the same as Andrius. His eyes flashed with a cold light, and he laughed in anger. “Heh. I see now. Ever since I got married, I’ve been lying low and never revealed my edge in Florence. I never thought that someone would try to touch the people around me.

“Now, it seems it’s time for me to make a move and show that scoundrel who I really am!”

As he spoke, a vicious glint flashed in Dax’s eyes.

A Warzone Master relied on exceptional achievements, endless killings, and unrivaled strength!

Their hands were already stained with countless lives.

Now, this subdued Warzone Master was furious.

Dax strode out.

“Dax!” Andrius immediately stopped him and said solemnly, “According to Florencian rules, you’re the Warzone Master of the Southern Warzone. You’re not allowed to go to Kiyoto without the emperor’s authorization!”

That was Registus‘ command.

Each Warzone Master in Florence was an unparalleled force who could suppress a warzone. They were stabilizing force when enemy nations launched sudden attacks.

Thus, they could not leave their respective territories easily. If something went wrong, it would impact the safety of countless Florencians.

Dax immediately stopped when he heard Andrius‘ words.

His overwhelming aura weakened.

Andrius stood up and patted his shoulder. “You’ve helped me many times, Dax. This time, I’ll help you!”

Dax shook his head and said, “Your identity is unique. Entering Kiyoto might be…”

“I’m not the Wolf King anymore ” Andrius smiled brightly since he had a plan in his mind.

Dax was speechless

Andrius was right. After all, the Wolf King was dead. He was just an ordinary person now.

However, Dax still found it awkward.

Emmy was like his niece. It was only natural for him to be anxious when she was abducted. However, all she did for Andrius was shield him from Luna once.

Logically speaking, there should not be much of a connection between them.

Even if there was one, nothing could have happened in such a short period of time, right?

Why was Andrius so anxious?

At that thought, Dax tilted his head and looked at Andrius. “Andrius, you’re not actually interested in her, right?”

Since Andrius was willing to help, he naturally did not have to worry about Emmy’s safety. He decided to tease Andrius instead, “You little… I think of you as a brother, but you want to be my niece’s husband? Isn’t that a bit much?”

“Fuck off!” Andrius rolled his eyes at those words and almost could not resist kicking Dax. “I don’t have such intentions.”

“Something’s off. You’re acting strange!” The smile on Dax’s face widened. “Actually, if you marry my niece, you’ll be one generation younger than me, but I’ll do without the formalities and let you continue calling me by name. What do you think?”

As soon as he spoke, a crack sounded.

The wrench that Noir placed on the table was broken in half by Andrius’s force. “My ass! Go and make the arrangements now!

“Another word of nonsense, and I’ll snap you like this wrench!”

Dax glanced at the ruined wrench and said helplessly, “Damn it. I can’t even crack a joke. Fine, I’ll arrange a private jet to Kiyoto for you now.”


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