The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 693

Chapter 693

Half an hour later, on the plane…

Noir asked curiously, “Andy, since we’re going to Kiyoto to carry out a prison breakout, why are we taking

a plane out in the open? Dax arranged this plane. The emperor will know our whereabouts the moment we land.”

Andrius glanced at Noir and smiled mysteriously. “That’s exactly what I want. The seemingly riskiest and most straightforward approach is actually the safest and most concealed.”

Noir was puzzled for a moment before understanding.

That was right!

Andrius was going to hide in plain sight.

Thinking about it this way, Emmy’s abduction was a good opportunity.

The Odyssey Hotel was one of the most luxurious hotels in Kiyoto.

After Andrius and Noir got off the plane, they went there directly and met the scattered members of the Ghosts.

“Noir, go and gather the herbs listed here.”

The Dragon’s Dungeon stood deep within Kiyoto for many years, and no one had ever broken out before

Andrius needed to make thorough preparations if he wanted to succeed.

For example, he would make a hallucinogen using the herbs that he told Noir to buy. This kind of drug might have unexpected effects in critical moments.

Then, he made arrangements for Harpy, who was on standby, “Harpy, use all your resources and try to make a detailed map of the Dragon’s Dungeon.

“Also, find out about the guards who are guarding the Dragon’s Dungeon as well as their higher–ups.”

Since Andrius decided to take action, he had to make sure everything went smoothly.

“Yes, sir! I’ll get right on it!”

Noir and the Hawkeye Group carried out their orders.

As Andrius started making his preparations, Baron learned the news and widened his eyes in shock. He looked at his subordinate and asked sternly, “What? Andrius Moonshade is in Kiyoto?”

The subordinate replied, “Yes! He came by the Northern Warzone Master’s private jet and is at the Odyssey Hotel now.”

Baron’s eyes narrowed.

After his clash with Andrius in the Forbidden Palace, he realized how large the gap between them was Although Andrius was no longer the Wolf King, his arrival in Kiyoto was likely an indication that he was up to something,

“Continue to watch him 24/7. Don’t make any mistakes!”

“Yes, sir!”

The subordinate carried out his orders.

Baron reported the situation to Registus who was just as shocked as Baron to learn that Andrius was in


“Come here immediately. Also, tell the War Gods and the Northern and Eastern Warzone Masters to come as well.”

A while later, a group of people gathered in the grand hall of the Forbidden Palace.

“Baron, what exactly is going on? Since Andrius agreed to ‘disappear‘, he shouldn’t reveal himself.” Registus‘ expression was unpleasant,

Baron investigated while on his way here. “Well, Dax’s niece was abducted and brought to the capital. However, Dax couldn’t come because he didn’t have your orders. Thus, Andrius came in his place.”

The Southern Warzone Master’s niece?

The expression on Registus‘ face did not ease much.

The Second War God stepped forward and said, “Andrius always acts independently and unpredictably. I believe rescuing Dax’s niece is just a front. Maybe he has deeper motives for coming to Kiyoto.

“I think it’s best to expel him from Kiyoto as soon as possible. That’s the safest approach.”

The Second War God had a feeling that Andrius was up to something big. However, he could not pinpoint what exactly that was.


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