The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 694

Chapter 694 


Registus muttered and tapped his fingers rhythmically on the armrest of the throne with a thud, thud, thud

A moment later, he shook his head and said, Andrius has stepped down as the Wolf King and is here for Dax’s niece. It’ll be seen as improper and unreasonable if we expel him

However, we can’t take this matter lightly either. Here’s what we’ll do! Assign more people to monitor him closely and inform me immediately if he makes any movements or actions

If he does” 

A strong killing intent emanated from Registusface. Mobilize the military immediately and use force to suppress him. If he dares to resist, then execute him on the spot!” 

In the Odyssey Hotel, Andrius used the herbs Noir brought to make some hallucinogens

At the same time, based on the information provided by Harpy, he made masks used by the officials of the Dragon’s Dungeon

The mask of the prison warden, Alistair Hood, in particular, was incredibly realistic

Harpy came to report, Wolf King, we’ve just received news that Ms. Gaines is currently held at the Rourke residence, and the Rourke family has sent out invitations announcing a wedding in two days

The wedding will be held in their manor, which is over 20 kilometers away from here.” 

Philip was planning to marry her by force

In that case” 

Andrius looked at Noir and the Ghosts before ordering, We’ll schedule our operation for the day after 


The pretext of crashing a wedding should be convenient and make our operation smoother.” 

The next day, Andrius did not do anything and stayed in the hotel

Wolf King, we’ve just received information that Baron Von Doom’s informants were spotted at Exit A of the hotel.” 

Wolf King, the latest information indicates that there are some unfamiliar individuals surveilling the hotel 

from all directions.” 

Wolf King” 

Harpy continued to relay messages to Andrius

Andy!Noir’s expression flashed with a cold glint as he suggested, I can send someone to get rid of those pests before they start buzzing.” 

No need.Andrius stopped Noir and smiled meaningfully. Let them keep watching. The closer they watch, the better. I was even worried that no one would be watching us.” 

Noir was at first confused, then realized what he meant

Time passed quickly. Soon, it was the day of the wedding

Andrius led his team and made a grand entrance to his cars and headed toward the Rourke manor

In the corner, the informants who had noticed the situation reported the news to their contacts and quickly got into cars to follow Andrius

They’re here.” 

In the car, Noir, who had been observing the rearview mirror, instantly noticed

Andrius said calmly, Proceed as planned.” 

The convoy drew a few kilometers and arrived at an underground tunnel


Just as Andrius’s convoy entered the tunnel, a cargo truck shot out at high speed and blocked the center of the tunnel

It was blocked


Damn it!” 


The informants slapped their steering wheels and immediately turned in another direction

According to their assumptions, Andrius should have been heading toward the Rourke manor, so they took a different route to get around

Calmert Estate was where the Rourkes stayed

They were a prominent family in Kiyoto

As the eldest son, Philip’s wedding naturally attracted countless dignitaries from Kiyoto. Almost everyone who was influential and wellknown was here

The sound of voices filled the air, and the scene was bustling with excitement


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