The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 695


Chapter 695 

Amidst the commotion was Emmy dressed in a pure white wedding gown. Her hands were bound as she was pushed into the grand hall

Philip Rourke!Emmy yelled as she was forced forward, I advise you to use your stupid brain and think. carefully before you do anything next.” 

I’ve thought about it very clearly.Dressed in the groom’s attire, Philip leaned in close to her ear with a smile. After tonight, you’ll be my wife, and I’ll be your husband. We’ll be together forever. How wonderful is that?” 

After he spoke, he could not suppress the excitement in his heart and licked his lips greedily

Delightful, my ass! Pfft!Emmy spat on Philip’s face. Who said anything about being together forever? Mr. Moonshade will tear you apart if you dare to touch a single hair on me!” 

Mr. Moonshade

Philip wiped the spit on his face as his expression turned dark. Are you talking about Andrius Moonshade? He’s good at fighting, but this is Kiyoto! It’s the emperor’s domain

The Rourke family has been established here for many years and has deep roots. If he dares to come here, I’ll send him back in a coffin!” 

Emmy was intimidated by the sinister aura and choked for a moment, then snorted coldly. A weak little tramp like you isn’t even worthy of carrying his shoes! As for leaving in a coffinI think that person will be you instead!” 

She recalled the moment when she fell off the cliff that night. That was the closest she had come to death in her 20 years of life. However, Andrius was like a god descending who had saved her from an impossible situation

From that moment, Andrius left an imprint of himself in her heart. She believed in him wholeheartedly r and her feelings for him were deep 

Philip sneered as he retorted, Even the fiercest tiger can’t cross the sea!” 

Just then, the emcee beside them announced loudly, It is time. The wedding shall now begin!” 

Philip immediately signaled to the bodyguards behind him

The bodyguards quickly nodded in understanding and used a piece of fabric to gag Emmy’s mouth, preventing her from speaking during the wedding

Philip Rourke is a man of good character, handsome and elegant whereas Emmy Gaines is gifted and beautiful… 

Today, the couple will come together and join as one!” 

Since Emmy was being forced, the emcee skipped the usual wedding vows and read the script directly

Let us all wish them a blissful marriage, everlasting love, and for them to bear as many children as they 


The emcee glanced at the two individuals as he spoke 

Philip smiled. He stood beside Emmy and guided her head to force her to finish the ceremonial gesture



Just then, there was the sound of something cutting the air

Following that was a dagger glinting coldly

In the blink of an eye, it pierced the back of Philip’s hand before he could react. It embedded three inches deep and caused blood to spurt everywhere

Ah!Philip let out a miserable scream and glared around furiously. Who is it? Who is the bastard who dares to ambush me?” 

At the entrance, a figure walked forward briskly. It was none other than Andrius


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