The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 696

Chapter 696 


Emmy had just managed to spit out the gag in her mouth and shouted at Andrius, Mister, I knew that you would save me!” 

Save you?” 

A vicious gleam flashed on Philip’s face as he roared, How dare you cause a commotion at my wedding? You must have a death wish. Guards, kill him!” 

At his words, a group of experts surged out from the crowd. Each of them moved with power and grace, their gazes disdainful. They were all professionals


Just when Philip thought he had Andrius cornered, a group of figures suddenly appeared behind Andrius like ghosts

They all wore black masks which only revealed their brilliant eyes. Their movements were skilled, and their aura was overwhelming

They were the Ghosts

When the Ghosts emerged, they immediately charged at the group of professionals

Andrius approached Philip step by step and slowly closed the distance

Andrius Moonshade, it really is you!Philip’s eyes were bloodshot and flashed with a trace of malice.Since you’ve come today, you can stay here forever! I’ll leave this to you, Master Bronte!” 

After saying that, Philip shifted his body to the side



A short and bald figure appeared before Philip 

It was the same person who had hypnotized Emmy that day. He was a bona fide martial artist, and he specialized in enchantment

Mister, it’s him! He’s the one who hypnotized me and abducted me that day!Emmy was filled with anger when she saw the old man and immediately complained to Andrius

Master Bronte was decisive and immediately used his ultimate move as soon as he came


Both his palms glowed as he struck Andrius

Andrius snorted coldly and met the blow headon

Master Bronte’s attack crumbled, and he stumbled backward, but at the same time, two talismans were stuck to Andriusbody

Ignorant childMaster Bronte laughed sinisterly when he saw Andrius fall for his trap, and he shouted, Come here!” 

Andrius immediately walked toward him. He walked slowly, his eyes were vacant, his expression was dull, and his movements were stiff. He was being controlled

Chapte 16 

HahahaPhilip burst into laughter when he saw this, and he looked at Andrius contemptuously. My dear Emmy, your savior isn’t very impressive. Master Bronte managed to subdue him in just one attack 

In my opinion, you should just obediently become my wife! Hahaha!” 

Philip laughed wickedly and waved an iron dagger as he walked toward Andrius

He wanted revenge for the humiliation Andrius dished out today and for the stab injury that he suffered earlier

MisterMister, what’s wrong with you? Mister, please don’t be hurt” 

Emmy never thought that the invincible Andrius in her heart would be taken down so easily. She shouted in anxiousness and despair, Stop, Philip Rourke! I’ll kill you if you dare to touch a single hair on his head!” 

Philip sneered and only glanced at Emmy briefly, then raised the dagger to slash Andriusarm



Suddenly, an anomaly occurred

Andriusfist struck Philip’s wrist and knocked the dagger out of hand and onto the ground. Then, he gripped Philip’s wrist and twisted it fiercely


A crisp sound echoed through the hall as Philip’s wrist broke

Huh? Impossible!” 

Master Bronte’s heart trembled at the sudden situation He immediately took out a talisman and threw it toward the sky while uttering a chant



Master Bronte’s words were cut short as he screamed pitifully

Andrius had kicked up the dagger on the ground, and it pierced through Master Bronte’s left arm

In less than half a minute, both Philip and Master Bronte were crippled

As for the group of professionals, they had long been defeated by the Ghosts and fled in every direction

Wwho is Andrius Moonshade? How is he so powerful?” 

Don’t worry about who he is now. Run!” 

Quick, quick, through the back door!” 

Chaos erupted

The guests quickly fled the scene

In the midst of the chaos, Andrius told the Ghosts to take control of the Rourkes

Philip was particularly their focus and two Ghosts kept their eyes on him

Seeing Andrius handle everything, Emmy rushed into his embrace and cried with joy. “Misteryou finally came. I waited so long for you…. 


Chapter 196 

Emmy was just about to pour out her emotions when she realized something

The next second, she pushed Andrius away and asked warily, Yyou’re not Mr. Moonshade. Who are you?” 


Andriusmade a shushing gesture and pulled her back. After confirming no one was paying attention, he whispered, The Wolf King sent me here to save you.” 


Emmy’s expression instantly fell. She was forced to marry Philip, but Andrius did not come in person and sent someone else instead… 

The bitterness in her heart surged like a spring and filled her whole heart

Thenwhere is Mr. Moonshade? Why didn’t he come personally?” 

However, Andrius’snext words dissolved all of Emmy’s dissatisfaction and caused her heart to leap to 

her throat

He’s in the Dragon’s Dungeon!” 

Around a mile away from the Dragon’s Dungeon, Andrius, Noir, and the Ghosts had already put on their speciallymade masks

According to reliable intelligence, the optical surveillance devices of Dragon’s Dungeon could detect a range of up to one mile

After the truck blocked the tunnel, Andrius and the others executed a plan to deceive the surveillance and split into two groups

One group pretended to be Andrius and showed up at the wedding venue boldly

The other group would disguise themselves and sneak into the Dragon’s Dungeon

Beside him, Noir remained vigilant of their surroundings and reminded softly, “Andy, the timing for the plan should be about right.” 

After confirming that there was no problem, Andrius gave the order, Then, let’s begin!


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