The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 698

Chapter 698 


Alistair was instantly furious and slapped the guardsfaces without hesitation

That mercilessness proved that he was indeed the real warden

The guards knew his behavior and character very well

The captain of the guards immediately reported, Sir, we just saw someone who looked. exactly like you entering the office confidently, so we tried to stop you” 

What did you say?” 

A stern look flashed on Alistair’s face at those words. He grabbed the collar of the guard captain and glared at him with wide eyes

I it’s true.……..The guard captain stammered, That person looked exactly like you” 

Then, what are you all still standing here for?!Alistair realized something was off. His eyes gleamed fiercely as he commanded, Leave a few guards here and secure the place

You! Bring some men with me to the office.” 

He immediately led a group of guards to the office

The place was empty

Not even a single strand of hair could be seen, let alone a living person

However, Alistair did not let his guard down

He thoroughly examined the place but found that none of his belongings had been touched. Even the spout of the teapot he deliberately pointed in a certain direction was still exactly the same as before

Then, he turned on his computer and checked it

He paid particular attention to the encrypted folder containing the prison layout and 

confirmed that it had not been accessed recently

There was no trace at all. The latest access time was when he had last used it

Afterward, he reviewed the surveillance footage during this time period

It was empty

No one had appeared at all

From the prison gate, every monitor and intersection showed no signs of suspicious personnel

This is..The guard captain was at a loss for words

Damn it!” 

Alistair had been on edge for a long time. When he realized that it was just a misunderstanding, he was infuriated and kicked the guard captain without hesitation

Chapter 698 


Make sure you look closely in the future! If you ever give a false report again, I’ll crush your balls on the spot!” 

After saying that, Alistair grabbed the documents and left the warden’s office with a huff


The guard captain was also dumbfounded. He covered his face and rubbed his leg, watching in confusion as he left the warden’s office

However, he forgot to close the door


Half a minute later, Alistair returned with the guard captain again and searched everywhere. It was a wild goose chase

Unfortunately, they still did not find any clues

Dammit!Alistair cursed in anger and left in frustration

The guard captain left too

This time, they left for real

A minute later, Andrius rose from the couch and sat at the computer

Earlier, when the group of people entered, he used a speciallymade hallucinogen and exposed Alistair and all the guards to it

Everything they saw in the office and on the surveillance footage was nothing but an illusion

Furthermore, when Alistair was checking the computer, Andrius discovered the password for the hidden encrypted folder

He doubleclicked it to open it and found the prison map as expected

He could see how it was arranged, where the crucial areas were, and the types of prisoners detained there clearly

The most conspicuous location, marked with five red stars, was where the former leader of the Hawkeye Group, the Black Hawk, was being held


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