The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 699

Chapter 699 

Andrius quickly restored everything and erased any traces, then immediately contacted a team of people

Gather at the warden’s office. I’ve obtained a detailed layout of the prison.” 

Ten seconds later, the group assembled

Let’s go!” 

Andrius led the group to the deepest and most heavily guarded cell 

Along the way, he shot hallucinogentipped needles into the guards so that they did not cause any disturbances

Thirty seconds later, he arrived at a cell crafted from a special alloy

A disheveled middleaged man was imprisoned inside. Despite his miserable appearance, his eyes occasionally sparkled with brilliance

He was the Black Hawk

Their gazes met

However, the Black Hawk was calmer than Andrius had imagined. He glanced at the group behind Andrius and smiled. You’ve finally come, Wolf King. I’ve waited a long time for you.” 

Those words stunned Andrius 

The Black Hawk had been held in the most heavily guarded cell in the Dragon’s Dungeon, yet he was able to recognize Andrius immediately and knew that he had returned… 

That was quite impressive

However, how impressive he really was remained to be seen

Put this on.” 

Andrius took a piece of clothing from Noir and handed it to the Black Hawk. It was the prison guard’s uniform

The Black Hawk did not waste any words and quickly got changed

Then, Andrius gave Noir a look and led the way out of the prison


This time, the guard captain saw the wardenagain and realized that he had not been hallucinating earlier. Something serious had indeed happened

He immediately reached for his gun but was too slow

A silver light flashed, and he fell to the ground


After more than ten seconds, a small needlesized wound appeared on his neck while blood flowed out

Andrius left a trail of bodies as he advanced. He quickly eliminated all the guards

Then, the group emerged from the prison and gathered at a location a mile away

Noir was the last to come out

Are we leaving just like that?” The Black Hawk looked at Andrius with some surprise 

Andrius smiled and said nothing

The next second… 


Boom, boom

Boom, boom, boom

Several intense explosions rang out, causing the ground to shake. Towering flames and thick black smoke could be seen in the direction of the Dragon’s Dungeon

It was the powerful explosives that Noir had planted. They not only destroyed the scene but also the 

surveillance equipment, preventing any evidence from being uncovered and also attracting the attention of the higherups

Tsk, tsk, tsk” 

The Black Hawk immediately understood the situation and gave Andrius a meaningful look

Andrius remained calm and did not say anything, and led the team to a concealed location

The violent explosion quickly caught Baron’s attention. He and several War Gods arrived immediately

Alistair had been waiting there for a while

However, the Dragon’s Dungeon was in ruins. Even if he wanted to investigate, he could not find any valuable clues

Warzone Master” 

After such a major incident, Alistair did not dare to conceal anything and immediately recounted everything that happened in the Dragon’s Dungeon

Useless!Baron roared angrily after hearing Alistair’s report. “Since you already noticed something off about the prison, why didn’t you lock it down? You can’t even handle such a small place. What use are you to me?” 


After speaking, Baron pulled out a gun and shot Alistair on the spot

Baron, in my opinion, the only one who could have entered and left the Dragon’s Dungeon so easily is probably Andrius.” 

Yes, weren’t there people investigating the annihilation of the Kleins? I expect that those people from the Hawkeye Group are likely working for Andrius now.” 

It just so happens that the leader of the Hawkeye Group, the Black Hawk, was being held in the Dragon’s Dungeon!” 

Several War Gods discussed fervently

Let’s go!” 


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