The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 700

Chapter 700 

The Second War God made a quick decision. We need to head to the Rourke residence as fast as 

possible. I have a feeling that that Andrius is a fake! As long as we can confirm this, Andrius won’t be able to escape suspicion!” 

A wise light glimmered in the Second War God’s eyes

That makes sense!” 

We mustn’t delay. Let’s go quickly!” 

Let’s go!” 

The group immediately hurried over to the Rourke manor

Andrius brought the Black Hawk to a hidden location

Wolf King!” 

A group of people had already been waiting here

They were elite members of the Hawkeye Group, led by Harpy. They all greeted Andrius when they saw hím

The Black Hawk could not help but tremble. It turned out that during his absence, the Wolf King had already united the Hawkeye Group and become its new leader

Captain Black Hawk!” 

Captain, are you okay?” 

Captain, you’re finally out!” 


The members were excited when they saw the Black Hawk at the back

However, Andrius was the leader now, so the Black Hawk was naturally demotedto captain

I’m fine.” 

The Black Hawk glanced over the familiar faces and felt like he had been gone for a lifetime. Then he looked at Andrius and said emotionally, As expected of the Wolf King. You’re the only one in Florence who would be able to win the hearts of the Hawkeye Group so quickly.” 

That was something the Black Hawk had confidence in

The people he led would not change their allegiance easilyunless it was the Wolf King

Andrius did not dwell on that matter

Rescuing the Black Hawk was only half the plan

Andrius said decisively, Harpy, take the Black Hawk back to Sumeria immediately. Dax will arrange for your accommodation

During this period, try not to leave any traces that may attract the attention of the emperor, Baron, and the others. Do you understand?” 

After all, he had blown up the Dragon’s Dungeon

If Baron found out about the Black Hawk’s location, he might just send missiles over directly


Harpy and the other Hawkeye Group members also understood how serious the situation was, but he asked another question, Wolf King, what about you?” 

“I have more important things to do.” 

Andrius was prepared to leave with Noir and the Ghosts when he heard the Black Hawk’s voice from behind, tinged with curiosity. “Wolf King, aren’t you afraid I’ll run away?” 

Run?Andrius turned slightly and sneered. The world isn’t big enough for someone I set my sights on to run away!” 

Then, he left without looking back

After taking a dozen steps, a faint voice sounded, Besides, who else can protect you now besides me?” 

The Black Hawk’s eyes widened as a bitter smile rose on his lips


The Dragon’s Dungeon had been blown up

He could only live in the shadows from now on

Who would dare to shelter him besides the Wolf King

No one

The Black Hawk shook his head and instructed Harpy and the others, Let’s go” 


Being controlled by the Wolf King was not a disgrace

Maybe he could still rise to greatness in the future

Andrius brought Noir and the Ghosts and headed toward the Rourke residence

Noir looked at his phone and said, Andy, I just got news that says Baron, the Second War God, and the others went to the Dragon’s Dungeon but only stayed for around three minutes before leaving. They’re headed toward the Rourke manor now!” 

Andrius frowned slightly as he felt a sense of urgency. Don’t say anything else. Everyone, speed up. We need to arrive at the Rourke manor before Baron surrounds it

Otherwise, trouble will be waiting for us.” 


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