The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 701

Chapter 701 

Right now, Calmert Estate was eerily quiet

After Andriusand the Ghosts wreaked havoc there, the guests fled




Just then, multiple black cars without number plates arrived outside the estate like a hurricane

Several people got out of the first car

Among them were Baron, the Second War God, and other experts

Then, countless soldiers got out of the cars behind them, swarming like a tide

Each of them was spirited and sharpeyed. They were the elites of the soldiers in the Central Warzone

Surround the place!There was a spark in Baron’s eyes as he shouted, No one is allowed to enter or leave without my order, not even a stray dog or a fly!” 

The explosion at the Dragon’s Dungeon was a major incident

As the Warzone Master of the Central Warzone and the second in command under the emperor, Baron had to make a statement


The soldiers immediately surrounded Calmert Estate completely, leaving no blind spots

At the same time, they prepared various equipment such as heavy machine guns and even RPGs

After everything was prepared, Baron, the Second War God, and the others barged into Calmert Estate 

without a word



Black figures blocked their path. They were the Ghosts that Andrius had carefully selected

Get out of my way, or die!Baron’s eyes were covered with a layer of frost

However, the Ghosts did not move. They exuded a powerful aura, making it clear that they would not budge

Alright. Alright!” 

Baron narrowed his eyes and scanned them. Then, he suddenly exploded and lunged at the nearest Ghost. The distance between them was less than ten meters

For an expert like Baron, it happened in an instant


The next moment, he delivered a punch

The Ghost hurriedly blocked his blow, but it was futile. He was immediately sent flying and crashed heavily on the ground, unable to get up again

The difference in strength was too great

However, the remaining Ghosts did not show any fear or retreat



Baron resolutely incapacitated all the Ghosts expressionlessly, leaving none standing

The elite soldiers of the Lycantroops?Baron glanced at the Ghosts coldly and said in an icy voice, This is Kiyoto! This is the emperor’s domain

How dare you enter Kiyoto without the emperor’s orders? This is a capital offense!” 

A killing intent flashed in his eyes as he spoke

However, the Ghosts were not cowed at all

Even as they lay on the ground, their aura did not weaken. We’re not from the Lycantroops. We don’t have ranks, and we’re not registered. We’re just Andriusbros

Philip Rourke dared to steal Andy’s woman, so we’re here to help him get her back

A capital offense? This is just fighting and disturbing public order, at most!” 

Baron froze. He could not refute those words

However, as a Warzone Master, he was not easily deceived

HmphHe glanced at the Ghosts with cold eyes, and his killing intent grew stronger. If I enter and find that Andrius isn’t here, then that means you’re lying

You’re deliberately causing turmoil and a threat to national security! As the Central Warzone Master, I have the right to execute you on the spot!” 


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