The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 702

Chapter 702

“Men, cuff them!”

After saying that, Baron strode into the hall.

The Ghosts exchanged glances, sweating nervously.

The scene in the hall was chaotic.

The Ghosts had tied Philip and the other Rourkes up with rope

A quick glance found that Andrius was not present. There was only a girl. She looked graceful and was well–dressed as she stood motionlessly in front of a room

It was Emmy

Baron and the Second War God exchanged looks. Their suspicion about Andrius deepened.

“Andrius Moonshade!” Baron shouted, his voice full of killing intent. “Get out here right now, or I’ll everyone here!”

After he spoke, a chilling murderous aura swept over like a rampaging dragon.

Emmy trembled under the powerful aura, but she straightened her back and explained, “Mr Moonshade rushed here overnight and is resting now. Why don’t you come back to see him later?”

Baron sneered


The next instant, he pulled out a gun and aimed it at Emmy’s forehead. “Get out of the way, or die!”

When he said the last word, the temperature around them dropped significantly.

Emmy trembled even more violently

A Warzone Master…

Ordinary people had no way of resisting him!

However, Emmy did not step back. She closed her eyes and opened them again slowly, trying to alleviate the pressure she was feeling through this method.

“I told you that he’s resting!”

She did not budge at all!

She wanted to buy time for Andrius.

“Heh.” Baron was instantly furious, and a flicker of malice flashed in his eyes. “Do you really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you? I’ll count to three.




Emmy instinctively closed her eyes.

The Ghosts, who were subdued outside, also felt their hearts squeeze as if someone was clenching them

with a fist!


Just as Baron slowly pulled the trigger, a sharp sound pierced the air.


The next second, a silver needle was embedded in his wrist

Baron’s hand trembled, and the gun in his hand fell to the ground with a clang.


At the same time, the door suddenly exploded, sending splinters flying everywhere.

A shadow appeared in front of Baron and raised his hand to attack without hesitation

Baron was injured by the silver needle and lost the initiative. He did not have time to defend himself before he was sent flying back by a punch.

Before he could react, the shadow picked up the gun and pointed the barrel at him.

Baron paled as he looked up.

It was Andrius.



Seeing this, the soldiers under Baron raised their guns and aimed at Andrius.

However, Baron was still in Andrius‘ hands, so they did not dare to act recklessly.


Andrius glanced at the many soldiers without fear. His gaze landed on Baron as he said mockingly, “You brought so many people here just to lay hands on my woman…

“That’s not very reasonable, is it?”


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