The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 703

Chapter 703 

Chapter 703 


Baron’s expression stiffened instantly

Even though Andrius was the prime suspect in the breakout at the Dragon’s Dungeon, there was no evidence to

  1. it

HmphBaron snorted coldly and stood up, saying indifferently, I have no interest in your woman! I’m only interested in the mastermind behind the destruction of the Dragon’s Dungeon!” 

As he said those words, he stared fixedly at Andriuseyes, hoping to find some clue

Unfortunately, he could not detect any trace of

The Dragon’s Dungeon was destroyed?Andrius raised his brows slightly and said in surprise, It’s right under the emperor’s feet, and you, a toptier expert, are guarding it. Who would have the guts to do such a thing?” 

Those words were like a resounding slap smacking Baron’s face, especially since they came from the mouth of the prime suspect… 

It was simply ironic

However, Andrius did not reveal anything in his words or actions, so Baron had no leverage. Even if he felt displeased deep down, he could only swallow this bitterness

He could not bear to continue staying here anymore and ordered his soldiers, Stand down.” 

He was conceding.. 

The soldiers did as they were told

Then, Baron prepared to leave

Wait.Andriuscalm yet intimidating voice rang out, Baron Von Doom, I didn’t say you could leave.” 

A flash of anger crossed Baron’s face. He turned to look at Andrius, his eyes nearly bulging out. “What else do you want?” 




thinly and said, It’s not about what I want. If I 

d around confidently, would you let me went to your place, pointed a gun at your 

This was human nature

leave easily?” 

Baron’s voice was strained as he spoke his words through gritted teeth. Don’t push your luck, Andrius Moonshade!” 


Andrius remained calm in the 

the face of Baron’s Baron’s 

ger. His tone was oddly tranquil

However, Baron did not thin 

that it was true calmness

Andrius Moonshade… 

The Wolf King from the west had always been a provoked

Baron’s expression changed again

Unatic who dared to take on even the emperor when 

In the


ved at Emmy and gritted his teeth, saying, I’m! Sorry!” 

Chapter 703 

Then, he lost all dignity to stay and led his soldiers to leave Calmert Estate in embarrassment. Just as he stepped out of the door, Emmy responded cheerfully, It’s okay!” 

Baron stumbled and almost spat out blood. Then, he quickly left

Mister, you were so cool just now!” 

Emmy jumped for joy, her gemlike eyes reflecting Andriusfigure, shining brightly at this moment

Andrius only smiled. He naturally would not tell Emmy just how dangerous the situation had been

If he had arrived any later, not only would Emmy have been in danger, but the Ghosts outside might all have perished here as well

Furthermore, the emperor, Baron, and the Second War God would have directly targeted him

Emmy asked, Mister, what were you so busy with just now? Did you take care of it?” 

“Speaking of which, I want to apologize to you.” 


Andrius did not look at her and said with some guilt, I could have rescued you immediately, but I needed an opportunity to evade suspicion, so I went to the Dragon’s Dungeon when you were forced into marriage by Philip

I had my subordinate pose as me to create an illusion of me appearing here, but the prison break was successful.” 

He staged a prison break

Furthermore, it was at the maximumsecurity Dragon’s Dungeon

Emmy could not help but click her tongue. He was amazing

She grinned and said, Mister, you don’t need to apologize to me. I felt really happy helping you, especially when you said that I was your woman!” 

વધુ મ 



Andrius instantly did not know how to respond

How utterly embarrassing



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