The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 704


Chapter 704 

Andrius smiled brightly and changed the topic while walking out. I’ll go check up on the soldiersinjuries first. Talk to you later!” 

I’ll go with you!Emmy skipped after him and asked, Mister, when are you going back to East River State? I’ll go with you.” 

Emmy was serious

Andrius was suddenly overwhelmed: I might have to stay in Kiyoto for a while. I’ll wait until the situation calms down before leaving.” 

Emmy nodded deeply and said, Okay, I’ll wait for you!” 

Andrius was speechless

In the Hall of Serenity in the Forbidden Palace… 




Upon hearing the news, Registus swept aside the recently redecorated furnishings and ornaments in the hall, trampling and smashing them as he roared furiously

His fury could be felt even from a mile away

Your MajestyBaron saw the emperor’s expression but advised, Please calm down. This matter isn’t as complicated as it seems.” 

He had enough reason to suspect Andrius, and he also had multiple allies with the same suspicion, such as the Second War God

After speaking, he exchanged a look with the Second War God

The Second War God instantly understood and stepped forward, saying, Your Majesty, the Black Hawk had some connections with the massacre of the Kleins that year

Furthermore, after you first took action against Andrius, the Hawkeye Group began to frantically search for information about the massacre. It’s very likely that Andrius had already gained control over the Hawkeye Group at that time

Thus, there’s a 99% chance that he’s the one behind the prison break this time

Moreover, he now has the Black Hawk in his hands, and the latter is a crucial piece. It won’t be long before Andrius finds out the truth of that incident. The consequences of this matter will be catastrophic.” 

He was not exaggerating. His analysis was reasonable and accurate

This was the reality

That’s right!Baron added, Although we didn’t find any evidence at Calmert Estate today, I’m certain it was Andrius!” 

Registus fell silent

Of course, he understood the seriousness of the matter

Andrius Moonshade… 

He was the Wolf King

He was an uncrowned king who could make anyone lose their will to resist him. Furthermore, he commanded the invincible Lycantroops.. 

If he went out of control

heits would undoubtedly be a disaster

However, Registus did not have the confidence to completely sever ties with him

Seeing his hesitation, the Second War God said sternly, Your Majesty! Although Andrius is strong, we can strike first! I think that we should declare war and completely eradicate Andrius and the Lycantroops!” 

That was undoubtedly a difficult decision

It was a decision that contradicted their traditions

The Lycantroopsachievements brought permanent stability to Florence’s western border, and their terrifying combat prowess… 

Just thinking about it sent a chill down Registusspine

Your Majesty, as long as Andrius lives, we’ll never have peace of mind!” 

Your Majesty, if Andrius dared to blow up the Dragon’s Dungeon today, he might dare to blow up the pałace tomorrow!” 

Your Majesty, have you forgotten the last time when Andrius charged into the Forbidden Palace? At that time, he didn’t treat you with any respect though you were the emperor!” 


The other Warzone Masters and War Gods exchanged looks and stepped forward to offer advice

The Second War God said earnestly, Your Majesty, if Andrius discovers the truth about the past, he’ll definitely go berserk on the spot. None of us will survive if he leads the Lycantroops to Kiyoto! At that time, it’ll be too late for regrets!” 

Those words struck a chord in Registusheart

Images of the past emerged in his mind

He recalled that day when Andrius had stormed in in a rage. His aura was overwhelming, and his strength was unmatched


found out what he did that year, would he be as easy to deal with as the first time

Registus knew without thinking

In that case… 

A resolute killing intent flashed in Registuseyes. He looked down at the Warzone Masters and War Gods below and said, Declare war! Exterminate Andrius and the Lycantroops

Go and make the preparations!” 


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