The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 705

Chapter 705 

In a secret military base in Lanton, Arbral, a plane from Florence landed

A tall and strong figure emerged from the plane. His gaze was sharp as an eagle, and no one dared to meet his eyes

However, his expression was very dark and exuded a sense of suppression

He was the Second War God

Second War God!” 

Several generals from Arbral had been waiting. After saluting him, they led him to an extended Lincoln. limo that was waiting with its doors open

After a moment, the Lincoln drove into one of Arbral’s most secret bases

There were already dozens of people waiting there. The person leading them was the King of Arbral


Beside him was Kabreh, the marshal of Arbral, who had been beaten and humiliated by Andrius last time

The remaining people were all leaders from the various Western Nations, each representing their respective countries

Accompanying them were either the marshal of their military or their defense minister. They were all of extremely high status, enough to shock anyone. With so many heads of state, it was sure to be a major 


Second War God!” 

Your Majesty, King Canchila!” 

After greeting each other, they silently entered the innermost conference room

Here lay Arbral’s most advanced technology and the strictest defense measures

They took their seats

I only have one purpose in coming to Lanton this time.The Second War God’s eyes were sharp and revealed a hint of fierceness as he got to the point, I want to join forces with all of you to exterminate the Wolf King, Andrius Moonshade, and the Lycantroops in the western region of Florence.” 

As soon as he spoke, the conference room fell into a deathly silence 

The Lycantroops… 

That word was practically taboo

They were invincible, and no one could withstand their might

The Western Nations regarded them as a great threat


They had united countless times and used covert and overt methods to try to get rid of this thorn in their sides, but each attempt failed without exception. They were defeated by the Lycantroops and left in 


In the end, when faced with the Lycantroopsthreat, they had to cede territories, pay reparations, and issue humiliating statements

Over time, they came to hate and fear the Lycantroops 

Now, the Second War God of Florence actually said that he wanted to annihilate the Lycantroops

The leaders of the Western Nations exchanged looks, full of eagerness to try

If they could destroy the Lycantroops, it would be a cause for celebration. It was great news that would make them jubilant for at least two years

However, this matter carried significant implications. It was easier said than done

Thus, none of the leaders spoke up

The Second War God’s gaze swept across those leaders, and he said faintly, What are you worried about? Is it Florence’s sincerity or strength? If it’s the former, then you don’t need to worry

I believe that you have all heard about the recent events in Florence

It’s not just me. Even our emperor, His Majesty, Registus Ohger, has become irreconcilable with the Wolf King, Andrius Moonshade.” 

The Second War God paused slightly at those words

The leaders nodded faintly. They had never relaxed their watchful eyes on Florence for even a moment


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