The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 706


Chapter 706 

They were already wellinformed

If it’s about strengthThe Second War God said proudly, With Florence’s might, we have more than enough power to confront the Lycantroops. However, we’re just concerned that we might not be able to completely annihilate them in one blow, leading to a series of postwar problems

In addition, Florence still needs to guard against Atlantus beyond the Eastern Sea and Rusaint in the north, which is why I’m seeking your cooperation.” 

The heads of state fell into thought. They had no doubt about Florence’s military strength

Even without the Lycantroops, they still possessed the four warzones, and every soldier was valiant and capable. They were an invincible army

The leaders glanced at each other, eager to take action

What do you think, gentlemen?The Second War God saw that they were tempted and continued, As long as we all take action together and cooperate with Florence, we can settle this battle in one decisive move

We’ll eradicate the Lycantroops and eliminate our future troubles!” 

That allure was truly great

Canchila nodded at the other leaders and said, Second War God, your proposal is indeed quite enticing. However” 

With that one word, the Second War God’s expression changed slightly. This guy was probably plotting something

The risk is too great.Canchila smiled and said, If we fail, we’ll inevitably draw the attention of the Lycantroops. We have no reason to do something detrimental to us.” 

The Second War God cursed him for being so cunning 

Detrimental to them? They were just looking for benefits

The Second War God said expressionlessly, King Canchila, if you have any conditions, please state them 


Canchila’s lips curled slightly as he continued to smile brightly. We want half of the land in Florence’s western border!” 

Although it was just half of the land, it was located on high ground. They could overlook the rest of Florence from that vantage point. It was equivalent to giving them a bridgehead to attack Florence

The Second War God could not help but suck in a cold breath

Canchila’s ambitions were really quite grand

The Second War God said in a low voice, King Canchila, the implications of this matter are too significant. A mere War God like me cannot make such a decision. Please allow me to report to our emperor before making a final decision.” 

Of course.” 

Please go ahead, Second War God.” 

Second War God, we await your good news.” 

The kings of the Western Nations seemed very relaxed as if they were at an advantage

In fact, if the Second War God had agreed immediately, they would have suspected his sincerity in working together

After leaving the conference room, the Second War God entered an adjacent secure room and confirmed that there was no surveillance or similar devices before making a video call to Registus

His expression was cold as he said, Your Majesty, the Western Nations are requesting that Florence give them half of the territory in the western region as a condition for joining the war.” 


As soon as he spoke, Registus slapped the table fiercely, causing the screen to shake. This condition clearly infuriated him

The Western Nations are truly greedy! Even a dozen of their countries combined only make up twice the size of our western region, but they’re demanding half of it? Are they not afraid of biting off more than they can chew?!” 

Registuseyes were filled with anger

The Second War God frowned and asked, What is your decision, Your Majesty?” 

Fine!Registus was silent for a long time before gritting his teeth and said, As long as they can destroy Andrius and the Lycantroops, agreeing to their conditions isn’t a problem for now

At most, we’ll just march west and wipe out these greedy kings along the way after they’ve destroyed the Lycantroops!” 


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