The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 707

Chapter 707 

The Second War God’s eyes twitched when he heard those words filled with killing intent

Yes, I’ll tell them immediately.” 

After ending the video call, he returned to the conference room

How did it go, Second War God?” 

Second War God, did the emperor of Florence agree?” 

Second War God…” 

The heads of state from the Western Nations had expectant smiles

“Of course!The Second War God’s eyes were disdainful. Let’s sign the contract!” 



No problem!” 

It’s settled then!” 

The heads of state were overjoyed 


Not only could they eliminate the threat of the Wolf King and the Lycantroops, but they could also expand their territories… 

This decision was significant enough to go down in history

No leader could refuse such a tempting offer

The various heads of state and the Second War God immediately began drafting the alliance treaty. A grand conspiracy was silently brewing

In the sky, the sun had long since disappeared. Only endless dark clouds pervaded and shrouded the realm. The universe lost its color, and the sun and moon lost their radiance

In Kiyoto, Noir was planning to return to Sumeria since the prison break operation was completed

When he saw Andrius sitting silently by the side, he could not help but ask, What’s on your mind, Andy?” 

Andrius paused and said, I’m thinkingSince we’ve successfully carried out the prison break, leaving Kiyoto just like this might be a bit discourteous.” 

What are you planning then?Noir asked curiously

I want to give the emperor a warning.” 

Andrius stood up and walked to the floortoceiling window, his deep gaze fixed on the moon in the 


Noir volunteered. I’ll go with you, Andy.” 

Andrius shook his head. I’ll take Emmy with me!” 

Thus, Andrius brought Emmy to the Forbidden Palace

HaltThe guards at the entrance immediately warned the two sternly upon seeing them This is the 

Chapte 06 

The kings of the Western Nations seemed very relaxed as if they were at an advantage 

In fact, if the Second War God had agreed immediately, they would have suspected his sincerity in working together

After leaving the conference room, the Second War God entered an adjacent secure room and confirmed that there was no surveillance or similar devices before making a video call to Registus 

His expression was cold as he said, Your Majesty, the Western Nations are requesting that Florence give them half of the territory in the western region as a condition for joining the war 


As soon as he spoke, Registus slapped the table fiercely, causing the screen to shake. This condition clearly infuriated him

The Western Nations are truly greedy! Even a dozen of their countries combined only make up twice the size of our western region, but they’re demanding half of it? Are they not afraid of biting off more than they can chew?!” 

Registuseyes were filled with anger

The Second War God frowned and asked, What is your decision, Your Majesty?” 

Fine!Registus was silent for a long time before gritting his teeth and said, As long as they cant destroy Andrius and the Lycantroops, agreeing to their conditions isn’t a problem for now

At most, we’ll just march west and wipe out these greedy kings along the way after they’ve destroyed the Lycantroops!” 

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