The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 708

Chapter 708 

The Western Nationsdesire to harm us has never stopped. They’ve been scheming and colluding in secret, making all sorts of cunning plots that give me a headache

Why don’t you come back

Florence needs you, Andrius. I need you too!” 

Registuswords were earnest, full of anticipation and genuine emotion. Those unaware might even think that he was a good monarch who cared for his nation and people

However, Andrius muttered bullshitunder his breath. He knew exactly what Registus was thinking

Registus hoped that he would once again lead the Lycantroops and stop investigating the Klein massacre, as well as stop defending Old Hagstorm

Andrius would never agree to such a request

The Western NationsAndrius spoke calmly with a hint of disdain, They’re just a bunch of insignificant people. They’re not worth worrying about

With the Lycantroops guarding the western borders, even if the Western Nations were to multiply their armies, they’ll only be feeding us riches. You don’t need to worry, Your Majesty


At that point, Andriusexpression darkened significantly, and his eyes gleamed sharply. I’d also ask you not to worry about my master

As for the Klein massacre twenty years ago, I will investigate it thoroughly as well!” 

Registusexpression instantly fell

Andrius was truly obstinate. He was like a stone in a pit, stubborn and unyielding

However, Registus could not show his anger and could only force a smile, saying, In that case, we’ll wait and see, and look forward to that day.” 

Andrius did not bother with him any longer and simply bowed slightly. Goodbye!” 

Then, he brought Emmy and left

On the road… 


Although Emmy had long known Andriusidentity as the Wolf King, she could not help but be starryeyed when she saw him stand up to the emperor of Florence. Her heart was filled with pride and overflowed with admiration

She said earnestly, Mister, you didn’t care about the emperor at all. You’re so cool! I’m proud of you! From now on, I’m your number one fan!” 

Seeing her elated appearance, Andrius smiled and said nothing

A moment later, on a plane heading to Sumeria… 

Emmy, stay by Dax’s side after you return to Sumeria. Remember, don’t follow me anymore, and don’t try to find me.Andrius spoke solemnly

However, Emmy did not take it seriously. No. I’m your woman. I won’t stick with that stuffy Dax. I refuse 


Stuffy Dax… 

Was that an accurate way to describe him

Andrius rolled his eyes and said with a serious tone, I’m not joking. I have a feeling that something major is going to happen.” 

At those words, he could not help but look outside the cabin. It seemed sunny on the surface, but it concealed danger

Andrius shook his head and continued, “It’s wisest for you to stay away from me.” 

No, no, no!Emmy pouted and covered her ears, shaking her head nonstop. Her face was full of grievance. I don’t care about that. You said it yourself. I’m your woman. I’m yours for life!” 

Andrius was helpless against her and smiled wryly. I was just saying that to fend off Baron. Why did you take it so seriously?” 


Emmy stomped her foot and turned her head, sulking

Andrius remained silent, feeling amused

In the evening, the plane landed at the airport

Andrius brought Emmy straight to Dax’s territory. He did not care about Emmy’s expression at all and said bluntly, Dax, I put in a lot of effort to bring this little lady back to you. Watch her closely in the future and don’t let anything go wrong.” 

Dax glanced at Emmy and saw that she looked upset, but he did not mull over it

Just as Andrius was about to leave, Dax hurriedly asked, Andrius, were you the one who blew up the Dragon’s Dungeon?” 


Andrius did not try to hide it and simply nodded in admission

Then, he looked at Dax with a vague smile. Are you planning to snitch on me to the emperor?” 

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