The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 710

Chapter 710 


Noir stomped on the ground and charged forward again

Black Hawk met the attack headon and engaged in a battle with Noir

The two were still evenly matched

Andrius joined the fight




With his left hand behind his back, he delivered three punches, each faster and stronger than the previous

The Black Hawk was completely defenseless and was quickly incapacitated by Andriusblows

AmazingThe Black Hawk wiped the blood from the corner of his eyes and said in genuine admiration,As expected of the Wolf King!” 

Andrius said with a calm smile, They were once your subordinates, but you didn’t hold back your punches. Doesn’t your conscience ache?” 

The Black Hawk glanced at the Hawkeye Group members on the ground and sneered. I raised them from scratch, but they betrayed me. A beating is just a light punishment. I’m already letting them off easy.” 

Andrius chuckled

Then, he pointed to the fallen individuals and instructed, Noir, treat them

Black Hawk, let’s talk about the Kleins!” 

Andrius took the lead in leaving the villa, and the Black Hawk followed him

The Klein massacreThe Black Hawk’s expression turned thoughtful, and he asked, “Wolf King, did you go through so much trouble to rescue me just to investigate the Klein massacre from 20 years ago?” 


The Black Hawk was silent for a moment before asking. May I know why you’re so determined to uncover the truth about that incident?” 

Andrius said calmly, Because I’m the surviving orphan of the Kleins.” 

The Black Hawk’s eyes widened at those words

He stared at Andrius for a moment and took a deep breath. A trace of melancholy appeared on his face.That year, the Kleins employed me to find something for them

What was it?” 

I don’t know the specifics.The Black Hawk smiled wryly, and Andrius could not help but feel shocked 

The Black Hawk’s expression then became serious. However, according to the description from the former head of the Kleins, that item had an incredibly mysterious power

It could defy fate and grant immortality! As long as one obtained this item, they could reach the pinnacle of humanity.” 

Andrius narrowed his eyes. He was powerful and had developed a different sense through continuous cultivation, evidenced by his survival after falling into a deep abyss

However, when it came to immortality and defying the laws of nature…. 

He could not be sure that such power capable of transcending life and death truly existed in the human world

The Black Hawk shook his head and continued, I was searching and investigating all over the place, but the Kleins were annihilated overnight

Moreover, I was hunted down by Registus because of my involvement with the Kleins. In the end, I was captured by the First War God and imprisoned in the Dragon’s Dungeon, where light never reaches, and I never saw the sun outside again.” 

The Black Hawk’s face was filled with lament. He could not help but sigh at the memory of that year and how much things had changed

Andrius also fell silent after hearing that

The Black Hawk pulled his thoughts back and continued, You’re asking me about the Klein family now, but they’re already history. The things I was searching for back then have long lost their trail

There’s no point asking me. I’m just as confused as you are.” 

No!” Andrius interrupted the Black Hawk and said faintly, It’s not like there are no clues at all.” 

The Black Hawk was stunned for a moment, not understanding what he meant

Andrius did not say much and simply asked, If I provide you with a clue, can you continue searching for the item that the Kleins failed to find back then?” 

The Black Hawk nodded. Yes. As long as I have a clue, I can follow the trail.” 

Good, then come with me.” 

At that moment, Noir had also finished treating all the Hawkeye Group members

The three of them set off in the night and arrived at Dragonet Mountain

Wolf King!” 

Wolf King!” 

Elmer and Fergus were already asleep, but they immediately woke up when they heard movement. They greeted Andrius respectfully when they saw him


Andrius nodded and led the Black Hawk into the main hall

Elmer and Fergus followed along

Andrius pointed to the neatly arranged bodies and said to the Black Hawk, These are the remains of the Kleins from that time. It’s said that the clue is within their bodies.” 

The Black Hawk did not speak, but his expression could not help but change slightly when he saw the bodies

Then, he began to investigate eagerly 

He flipped the first body around and finally focused on its back. Then, he did the same to the other bodies. After examining them, he exclaimed, I wonder which genius came up with this method. They actually 

used such a unique method to hide a map within the skin of their backs… 

Amazing. Truly amazing!


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