The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 711


Chapter 711 

Andriusheart trembled

Judging by the Black Hawk’s tone, he seemed to have discovered something. nd out?” 


The Black Hawk smiled smugly as if he had turned the tables in front of the Wolf King, and said with great excitement, I have to start from the time when I helped the head of the Kleins search for the treasure

He taught me a cipher belonging to the Kleins 

The seemingly chaotic lines on their backs are arranged according to that cipher. I can confirm that they form fragments of a map once restored.” 

Andrius breathed a sigh of relief at those words. Then, I’ll await your good news!” 

After that, the Black Hawk found some paper and a pen, observed the backs of each Kleins member, and drew a small map on the paper for each one

After nearly an hour, he copied the back of each body onto the paper

Another half an hour later, he pieced together all the small maps 

This is” 

The Black Hawk was dumbfounded at the map in front of him

Andrius looked over and frowned slightly

The map was nearly completed on all sides, except for a small area in the center that was missing

Although it occupied less than 10% of the map, it was the crucial location of the treasure

It’s fineAfter a moment, Black Hawk waved his hand and said, Most of the map is confirmed now. It’s much better than before, like when we were headless flies. I can try to find it manually” 

Andriusexpression improved, and he asked, Do you know where this map leads to?” 

I have a rough idea.” 

The Black Hawk shook his head. He was not entirely sure, so he could not give a definite answer

Andrius thought about it

Currently, the Crestfall family was on the fast track, and Luna won the championship at the Grand Medicinal Competition. The rise of the Crestfalls was unstoppable

Halle was staying at the Royal Gardens, so there would not be any major issues 

Furthermore, there was Dax to keep an eye out for, so there should not be any problems

On the other hand, the emperor and the others in Kiyoto were showing signs of restlessness

Aside from that, unraveling the Kleins secrets and solving the conspiracy behind their massacre were also pressing matters

“We’ll set off tomorrow. I’ll go with you.” 

Andrius made up his mind

Then, he said to Noir, Choose a good location and build a memorial for the Kleins. Pick a day for the burial.” 

Now that they had obtained the map, it was time to let his clan members, who had suffered endless humiliation and torment, rest

Sure, Andy.” 

Then, Andrius returned to Sumeria overnight

Since he had decided to move, he naturally made arrangements beforehand to avoid any future worries

He first called Marcus and explained the situation, asking him to take care of the Crestfalls

Then, he covered all his bases and informed Dax as well 

After everything was done, he went to sleep. He only needed to wait until early morning to leave with the Black Hawk

In the western border, the moonlight was desolate at night, and cold winds howled

A convoy was slowly moving on the winding road. The vehicle in the lead had a license plate from Arbral 

Dozens of vehicles from the Western Nations followed behind. They were politicians and officials headed to Florence for an inspection


Just then, several fully loaded MPVs in the convoy suddenly came to a stop

Groups of heavily armed soldiers rushed out. They were the security personnel responsible for the safety of these politicians


The soldier in the lead arrived in front of a politician and fired the first shot




Gunshots echoed through the wilderness

The dozens of politicians were mercilessly slaughtered by their security detail

In less than five minutes, there was not a single survivor left

Move out,the head security personnel shouted, then got into the driver’s seat of the first car and drove off


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