The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 712

Chapter 712 


Chapter 712 


A series of roars echoed

The convoy drove toward the location of the Lycantroopscamp

Upon arrival, they staged a perfect hunting scene, then left quietly

The night was silent. It was as if nothing happened

The moon in the sky had already been covered by dark clouds, and the earth was plunged into endless darkness


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed, illuminating the vast land as bright as day for only an instant

Then, darker shadows followed, as if chaos was still unfolding




Flashes of lightning flickered. The boundless sky seemed to tear 

apart, emitt roars

pearls falling from a broken 

Torrential rain arrived out of nowhere. It started in the blink of an eye, like pearls 


Water quickly formed puddles of varying sizes on the vast land and eventually 


verged into the vast 

The blood of the politicians swept across the mountains and fields under the wash of the torrential rain. The strong smell of blood spread continuously

In the end, it pervaded the earth and the air

Exposed bodies littered the wilderness, and blood flowed like a river

Together, they painted a scene of tragedy

The next day, Andrius was still sleeping in the morning


Suddenly, he jolted upright in bed. His eyes were still closed when he threw a punch at the approaching shadow

Andy! Stop, it’s me!Noir hurriedly shouted


The fist came to a half about half an inch away from Noir’s forehead, but the cold wind from the fist caused his hair to slick back

Noir?Andrius opened his eyes and looked at Noir in front of him. He frowned and asked, Why are you here so early in the morning, and in such a hurry? Did something happen?” 

Something major has happened!” 


Chapter 712 


Noir’s expression was unusually serious

He took a deep breath and said in a low voice, Last night, 36 politicians that the Western Nations sent to inspect Florence were found dead outside the Lycantroopscamp 

At the same time, the nearground satellites under the Lycantroopsjurisdiction were also hacked and completely disabled for half an hour.” 

Noir took out his phone as he spoke and opened the news app. The news articles were all about the events of last night

What a crude attempt to shift the blameAndrius frowned and said, Any discerning person can see at a glance that this is an attempt to frame the Lycantroops.” 

Noir smiled wryly. “But we have no evidence to clear our name.” 

Andrius fell silent

The Western Nations are furious. At six in the morning, they deployed five million troops at Griffin Pass, less than a hundred kilometers from the Lycantroopsencampment

The heads of the Western Nations all issued severe condemnations and warned Florence that if a reasonable explanation isn’t provided within three hours, they will launch a fullscale war in retaliation.” 

Noir’s voice was very dry

Andriusexpression instantly turned dark

Ring, ring… 

Just then, Noir’s phone rang. He immediately put it on speakerphone

Sir, we just received news that the emperor, along with the six War Gods and the four Warzone Masters, arrived at Sumeria airport half an hour ago

They’re currently heading toward the garage.” 


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