The Wolf’s Bride by Coffee’s Tea Chapter 723

Chapter 723 

However, there was one thing she was clear about: she still had a place in Andriusheart. Otherwise, why would he have given her the Royal Gardens specifically

Unlike Halle’s internal struggle, Noelle only felt admiration, similar to how she once admired the First War God. She knew that Andrius was the indomitable Wolf King who would not stand by as the western border 

fell into turmoil

Sure enough, he came

This was Andrius Moonshade

He was a loyal soul of Florence, the backbone of the people, and the eternal hero in her heart

Lyra looked at the figure and murmured, Mr. Wolf KingAre you really going to the battlefield? I want to cook for you again” 

Mr. Moonshade” 

Sonia watched him walk forward and could not help but recall their first meeting. Back then, she had been arrogant and treated Andrius like a lackey

Later on, she realized that he was unparalleled and even saved her family

From thus forth, Andrius transformed into the exalted Wolf King, a ruler overseeing all things like a monarch passing judgment on traitors

However, from the start till the end, Andriusattitude toward her had not changed much. He was not swayed by external matters and his own emotions

Even with how Luna treated him, he would complain a little at most, but every time the Crestfalls faced danger, he would resolve everything for them

If there was a perfect person in this world, it must be Andrius

The most excited person was undoubtedly Luna

The Wolf King was here

This was the first time she had seen him since the bar incident. There were no young girls involved between them, and no ordinary female friendeither

Her feelings were pure and clean like the start

When the Wolf King stepped forward to donate a hundred billion… 

This was not merely a donation of a hundred billion. It was his determination to turn the tide and support 


This was what a true man of Florence should be

This was the perfect man in her heart

Luna’s eyes sparkled upon seeing that familiar figure, her gaze reflecting his image

Wolf King” 

Andrius did not come, but the Wolf King did instead. After a moment of shock, Belarus immediately stood up to show respect

Wolf King” 

All the guests and dignitaries also stood up at that moment in unison. Reverence filled the air as far as the eye could see 

At easeThe Wolf King smiled slightly and gestured. You don’t have to treat me like the Wolf King here. Just consider me an ordinary person.” 

Those were words that only he could understand and were directed at Belarus. It was him expressing gratitude toward Belarus, who protected him when he was with the Crestfalls. It was also him expressing his respect as Old Hagstorm’s disciple

However, in the eyes of the others, the Wolf King was acting humble despite his status being high above them all. This made them respect and admire him even more from the bottom of their hearts


The sounds of rustling filled the air as the guests sat down

The Wolf King nodded. Then, he took out a black card and headed to the donation box in front of Belarus… 


Luna was slightly stunned when she saw that black card

It looked familiar

Then, she suddenly remembered. She had seen this card when she was packing Andriusbelongings

She already found it familiar when she was packing. Once, there was a time when Andrius bought something off an auction at a high price. He had to prove that he had money on his card and go to a bank

It was the same card

At the bank, the balance showed an impressive row of Os

After recalling this scene… 


Luna immediately stood up from her seat and went up to the Wolf King before anyone could react

Then, she reached for the wolfshaped mask on the Wolf King’s face without any hesitation

Luna, don’t be disrespectful!Belarus was shocked and immediately shouted in alarm

However, he was too late


Luna removed the Wolf King’s mask, revealing a familiar face below

It was none other than Andrius


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