Triplets Attack Game Over Daddy By Lorraine Anderson Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Proposal

Hazel was stunted for a moment. “Wheel / No, no, Fm fuamin”

She huntedly explained that she was not a wheel,

This little gul doesn’t know anything. All she knows is delicious food and the Young Maste

Of course she be anxious when she hears that she is a wheel.

Old Master Wade laughed. “I know you’re a human. Come on, I’ll give you something tasty.”

Seeing that she was eating constantly and the bag she carried seeming to contain a lot of

food, Old Master Wade knew that this girl loved food, only food could make her obedient.

Upon hearing food, Hazel’s eyes lit up.

“What’s food?”

Then, she was about to leave. Then, she looked at Dominic, who was standing at the side. If

she left, what should Young Master do?

“Delicious food or the Young Master. It’s really hard to choose!”

Dominic knew what she was thinking, so he spoke up.

“Let’s go!”

Jack laughed when he heard his magnetic voice.

“Alright, Young, Master.”

Elizabeth looked at Hazel wearing a maid’s clothes with neat bang and big eyes and childish


It was obvious that she was very concerned about Dominic. Usually, she and Dominic were

alone, so it should be some sparkles between them.

But Dominic did not seem to notice that this little girl liked him. In the future, she had to

help them.

Hazel followed Old Master Wade Into the house. Only the two of them were left under

flower hanger.

Elizabeth poured him a cup of tea. “Dominic, have some tea.”

Although Dominic was a young man, he did not like coffee and loved tea alone.

Their hobby was very similar to Grandpa’s, so they share the same interest.

Dominic reached out and touched the glass. Elizabeth saw him like this and felt slightly

uncomfortable. A man who was as so gentle and treated everyone nicely ended up like this.

No wonder he’s having a bad temper. If it’s her, and she’ll be like this too.

Elizabeth picked up the cup and handed it to him.

There was a hint of smile on her face, but this smile added a trace of sadness.

Dominic caught all of her emotions and laughed within.

Does your heart ache? Lizzy, only when I’m blind, will your heart ach for me. Do you know

how sad I am?

The hatred in his eyes gradually grew stronger.

Elizabeth did not notice it. She asked.

“Have you been working with the doctor recently?”

She still hoped that his eyes would recover. She sincerely hoped that he would be fine.

Dominic sneered, “You really want me to recover, don’t you?”

Then you don’t have to marry me anymore. I won’t let your wish come true.

“Of course, I hope you’re healthy just like how you used to be.”

Upon hearing this, Dominic let go of the cup in his hand and the tea splashed out. Elizabeth hurriedly took a piece of tissue and asked him with concern.

“Did you burn it?”

Dominic did not mind and held her hand.

“Lizzy, I’m already like this. could you stay by my side and take care of me?”

His voice was low and hoarse. There was a trace of anger in it. The grip on his hand was very

strong, making her feel very painful.

What Matthew has he also has, and his appearance was also outstanding. Why is this woman

so unwilling to be with me? What does Matthew have and he doesn’t?

Elizabeth’s eyes were filled with panic. “Dominic, I’ll take care of you. Don’t be angry,


Elizabeth was afraid that his illness would deteriorate and that he won’t be able to recover.

“Many me, okay?”

As he spoke, he took out a diamond ring.

“I wanted to give you a perfect proposal, but I could not wait any longer.”

He held the ring and put it on her finger, and accurately put it towards her ring finger.

Elizabeth looked at the ring and her eyes were filled with honor. She recalled the ring in her house. When Matthew proposed to her, she was so happy!

Now, when she faced Dominic, she was tormented like she was in a sea of fire.


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